Despite everything


the amphibian inside us

Because it's summer.  Because the air is heavy with heat and nostalgia.
Because this is what we have to keep remembering, the way our bodies
know the waves, the amphibian inside us unafraid of going under,
of what ripples beneath the surface.  Because waiting on the dock
for the signal to jump is like thinking someone else is responsible.  Because
there is no one else responsible.  Because despite the current,
it is possible to swim against it, or even stand, inverted, balancing
on a slippery mulch of murk and mud, and stay perfectly still.
Because when the world tips from view, we have to do everything we can
to tip it back.

~ Maya Stein
:  :  :

from Maya Stein's "10-Line Tuesday" poetry series
... the backlog can be enjoyed  here


  1. Beautiful quotation and picture. This gave me a lot to think about this afternoon.

    1. Me too, Penny. I've re-read this innumerable times since yesterday. Has struck a deep chord for some darn reason. Happens to me more n'more these days - something about life's fragility taking on a deeper meaning, or something like that.....

  2. I felt you posted this for me today!
    Much love, Carol