Pleased to announce ... India Flint returns to Lopez Island


Workshop plans have been afoot for some time now
with a pre-assembled cast of characters awaiting the sewing tables and cauldrons ...
but as life does, it got in the way for two
and now there are spaces in this September's gathering,
 perhaps for you?


'the wayfinder's wander jacket'
with India Flint
September 23 ~ 25, 2015
Lopez Island, WA, USA

~ Patsy's Garden Shed Studio, Lopez Island & sweet Isla, having a wander ~

**** UPDATE 2/24 **** CLASS FULL, thank you to all who enquired!

Enjoy three days with India on lovely Lopez Island, sharing stories and stitching
a beautiful bundle-dyed hand-sewn multi-pocketed and hooded jacket
using fabrics gleaned from pre-used garments
and embellished with silk and wool scraps.
The magic of the Salish Sea, the use of scrap metals
along with a wide array of bio-regional dye sources
~ windfallen leaves, weeds, & bounty from local gardens ~
will influence the dye outcomes.

Nourishing gluten-free vegetarian lunches will be provided each day
including delicious soups made by India ...
who is a deft & creative hand around a kitchen cauldron as well ! 

For all the particulars, or to answer any questions,
please send a private message via this email link:
Christi's  EMAIL 
[please, serious enquiries only]

Note:  This is a  rural   location involving multiple
[sometimes complicated]
means of transport.
~  think slow  ~

❖ to read about India's workshop on Lopez in 2013 click here  ❖
website  ❖  indiaflint.com


Back from the hairdresser


A few weeks ago I wrote  this post  about yearning for a fresh *new* look for this blog,
but never did I imagine ending up with a complete and total makeover ...
haircut, styling, manicure, facial, makeup ... the whole kit & caboodle.

Early on, after trying to tweak and twist and colorize a new template into 
anything that might resemble the word appealing, I realized 
I was just no good at blog design at all and there was no handbook available to help me - 
at least, not one I could decipher.

Sometimes it can be very good to speak up online ...

After apologizing for the mess I was making and confessing my angst
in the Comments section of  this post,  in came an incredibly kind and generous response:
"Extending my hand ... should you wish to take it. xo"

Enter miz Jen
~ photographer unknown, 1940s beauty school lesson ~

who, as it turns out, is a very skilled & excellent teacher in all things web-based.
We "met" years ago in an online photography course but I have only known her
 as an artist and had no idea the extent of her  other skills
as a former Web Design and Marketing maestro.

Well, I grabbed onto that hand and held on tight through this entire wild ride !

~ photographer unknown, hairdryer from the 1920s ~

It's really her fault that I became totally  undone  re-done for she encouraged me
to take a peek at the freebie templates available for Blogger these days ...
just to get design ideas ... and oh my, what a slippery slope was that.
She did warn me that it was gonna make my head spin ...

~ photo by JUCO for Fashion Rogue ~

I saw lots of styles that just weren't me.
And I had lots of separation anxiety about leaving my old, comfy blog space.
My new spot needed to feel welcoming, kinda relaxed ...

~ photographer unknown, open-air beauty salon, Cannes, France 1958 ~

but not too far out there.

~ outdoor hairdressing, Finchley Road, London 1961, photographer unknown ~

Most of all, I wanted it to remain welcoming for all my special friends.

~ boy & dachshund 1920, photographer unknown ~

Never in a million years would I have imagined a day coming when html 
no longer felt like an insurmountable foreign language.
It has been worth the headaches.

I sure hope all of you will feel it was worth the wait.
Heartfelt thanks for your patience and all the feedback you left earlier
as a guide.

Please explore a bit.  Old stuff is in new places.  There are pages up top 
containing a whole bunch of links & swell places to visit ...
my blogroll has moved up there, along with a direct link to my Instagram gallery.

As always, I'd love to hear from you in Comments.

~ Ladies at the Hairdressers, photo by Philip Townsend, London 1960s ~

To my awesomely patient, clear, concise, helpful & fabulous hand-holding teacher ...
Jen,  CHEERS to you, gal.
Couldn't have done it without ya.