Texture Tuesday ... free & easy


Since it's the last edition of Texture Tuesday until 2013, I could not resist posting
a little send-off photo of someone who has no trouble
being 'free & easy.' 
You remember her, don't you, that furry one on the left ...
the one who doesn't like the camera in her face?

Pssst.  She can't see me very well when she's upside down.

Those curled paws are just the sweetest darn thing and lying head-to-head like that
with her beloved hedgie.
Two black olive noses pointing ceiling-ward ... 
just a typical moment in an ordinary day.

Dang, do I love this dawg.

This kind of devotion is no stranger to history ...
I am in delightful company.

Mrs. Walter Rathbone Bacon
~ by Anders Zorn, 1897

Ethel Smyth and Marco, 1891
by Ethel Smyth

I look at these pictures and if I may be so bold to say,
I know what these women were feeling.

Portrait of Elizabeth Jackson, Mrs. Morton Pleydell
~ by Thomas Gainsborough, ca. 1760

Miss Constance Collier

Miss Carter Mullikin, Holton-Arms School, & her Red Cross dog
~ Harris & Ewing Collection glass negative, ca. 1917

Portraits of a profound connection to another sentient being, not easy to describe with words.
So I won't try.

~ oil painting, by Jeanie Tomanek

But I know what it feels like ...
I know it in my bones.

: : :

Textures used in the top photo were Kim Klassen's shades of November
and autumn burst.  Linking up with Texture Tuesday over HERE.


Texture Tuesday ... dream


Do not wake me
for I have written the love letter
and tossed it into the sea ...
tis the only way I can remain with thee.

: : :

Techie mumbo-jumbo:
original photo shot with my iPhone
processed with two apps (but I can't remember which ones, sorry)
textured with Kim Klassen's 'sonnet magic reversed'
and French Kiss's 'Ambrotype' from the Glorious Grunge Collection.
Linking today with the 'Dream' eDition over at the Cafe ...


... passage to America


More often than not, I choose to sit in my jeep for the watery commute "to America"
(an expression used by the islanders when we refer to traveling to the mainland).
Some might call me anti-social
and that's ok in my books.
Most folks leave the car decks and head upstairs to the passenger area
to gab, or read ... maybe knit, work on the communal jigsaw puzzles, chug some coffee ...

I'm the weirdo who stays behind making photos on her phone.
I can't help myself.

Perhaps I'm an app-aholic?

good grief.

Where was I going with this post ... oh yes, to America ...
where I spied some scintillating rust at the shipyard

big pieces of steel marking the passage of time.
[ this one is for all my rust-nut friends ... you know who you are ]

We're all marking time ...
it's a big news night here in America.

These periodic supply runs off-island are nothing
if not exhausting, so what could be better fortification
than hot n' spicy organic soup ...

which again, I ate in my jeep ...

surely this comes as no surprise  [ grin ]?

These are only simple things, really ...
in comparison to decisions being made in the States this day, they are fluff.  As I write
it is early evening here on the west coast & we have
hours to go before we know.
I wonder where this country is going next?

At the toll booth the way was clear:  an arrow for  *go* and an X for *stop* ...

if only it were that easy.

See you on the other side, my friends ...
in the meantime, it may be time for another simple thing ~ a stiff brandy.

: : :

All photos were processed with Jazz