Texture Tuesday ... free & easy


Since it's the last edition of Texture Tuesday until 2013, I could not resist posting
a little send-off photo of someone who has no trouble
being 'free & easy.' 
You remember her, don't you, that furry one on the left ...
the one who doesn't like the camera in her face?

Pssst.  She can't see me very well when she's upside down.

Those curled paws are just the sweetest darn thing and lying head-to-head like that
with her beloved hedgie.
Two black olive noses pointing ceiling-ward ... 
just a typical moment in an ordinary day.

Dang, do I love this dawg.

This kind of devotion is no stranger to history ...
I am in delightful company.

Mrs. Walter Rathbone Bacon
~ by Anders Zorn, 1897

Ethel Smyth and Marco, 1891
by Ethel Smyth

I look at these pictures and if I may be so bold to say,
I know what these women were feeling.

Portrait of Elizabeth Jackson, Mrs. Morton Pleydell
~ by Thomas Gainsborough, ca. 1760

Miss Constance Collier

Miss Carter Mullikin, Holton-Arms School, & her Red Cross dog
~ Harris & Ewing Collection glass negative, ca. 1917

Portraits of a profound connection to another sentient being, not easy to describe with words.
So I won't try.

~ oil painting, by Jeanie Tomanek

But I know what it feels like ...
I know it in my bones.

: : :

Textures used in the top photo were Kim Klassen's shades of November
and autumn burst.  Linking up with Texture Tuesday over HERE.


  1. I love our hounds - current and past --- indeedy I loved one hound so much that our first born was actually named after her! (shhhhh don't tell him he was named after my german shepard!)

    I like cats - cats are nice to pat and curl up on your lap --- but I LOVE dogs!

  2. I love our houndy who is right beside me now taking up more couch than I. Snoring away.

  3. My final moment before I crawl into bed each night is to bother my mutt who is already soundly sleeping. One last pet and hug as he scooches away. The only way to end my day.

    I know TOO.
    xx, Carol

  4. très beau mix photos et peinture + l'original avec le Hérisson!!!!!

  5. That is just the cutest shot! and thanks for showing the paintings... :)

  6. Wonderful!!! I believe that love goes both ways.

  7. Your dog is a delight. My golden sleeps like that often too, and her toys aren't far away either. I love you post. You are so correct about that wonderful connection to these amazing fur people in our lives! And I love all of the wonderful art images you've included. Wonderful post for so many reasons!

  8. This is such a great post, starting with your gorgeous and adorable dog and then the wonderful artwork celebrating the woman/dog connection! I know it too, so very well, and it is one of the joys of my life. Thank you for allowing me to reflect on that profound love this morning.

  9. blessings of the Dogs, above and here on earth.

  10. a remarkable and deLIGHTfull shot. I know how ordinary everyday can BE extraordinary. I just never tire of my Gracie and her many funny ways of snoozing. she LOVES the camera, but my favourite photos I get when she is just BEing a silly dog DOing a dog-Life.

  11. great post. i do love the red cross dog draped in cloth.

  12. Talk about free and easy - your dawg rocks!

  13. I've had many "pets" in my lifetime. But I've had the privilege of a special relationship w/animals 3x ... the first w/a horse named Honey. the second w/my first "my own" dog, Tara and now w/Stella.

    They've all gone beyond any human relationship in a way that I can't quite quantify.
    And yes, even the relationships w/my children, my husband.
    Not above, not more than, just beyond. :)

  14. she is adorable! I love how you introduced art and history on a personnal post. very cool.
    Ana @ wonderland

  15. Awww!That first photo just makes me melt. You are blessed to have such a sweet, beautiful furry friend. What a great idea to show women and their dogs through history. Wonderful post!

  16. Oh your sweetie. So relaxing, so comfortable. What a gorgeous with fluffy body having a sweet dream. Paintings are great capture of elegance.

  17. Great minds think alike!
    I loved this gorgeous post. I will add a link to it on Buster's post since the themes have a lot in common --except your is classier!!

  18. Love the body language of the dogs and women...a deep trust beyond words.

  19. pup with Hedgie...thought it was our Kalie as we too have that Hedgie.
    Great post and what can come between a woman and her dog?....dang nothin'!

  20. It's always my preference to reply individually to comments thoughtfully left here ... I apologize for falling behind. What a JOY to read these! I know some of us are being watched by dogs above and many are beloved by paws on earth. There is no denying the impact/imprint that dogs have on our hearts. This is not said to discount any connections to other pets ~ cats, horses, guinea pigs, birds ~ it's simply that this is the connection I know best.

    I was dog-less for more than 25 years before I found myself back in a position where I knew I could care for one without the threat of having to give them up. That kind of a heartbreak is one I never want to know again. And now, I can barely fathom how I managed to live that long without one. Clearly, my life was poorer for their absence.

    Thank you, THANK YOU, to each of you for stopping by to leave comments.

  21. I'm sending a link to your blog to a dear friend of mine, who will definitely relate! We watched the most interesting program on PBS the other night on unlikely couples. Kate and Pippin (dog and deer) was an amazing story. My favorite was the owl and the cat! But all were heartwarming. Maybe you can catch it where you are... thanks for sharing this lovely post.

  22. dogs are woman's best friend. for sure. wendy says silly velma, of course we are.