Uncovering a thousand threads...


In 1917, some text was written about this work, The Emblem:

This fine example shows us a beautiful and graceful lady in a rich interior seated at an embroidery frame.
Her face is half turned to us as she raises the cloth covering the work.  The attitude is reserved,
as of one reluctantly disclosing a secret; and indeed she does not show too much,
for her flowing sleeve tantalizingly hides the greater part of what she has uncovered.
Pictorially the work has great charm; and though there is no story to it, it suggests an idea.
We are to suppose that she has been long at work with cunning needle in secret, making a splendid banner,
emblem of a great cause and destined to be borne at the head of its supporters.
Such an object is worthy of the labour consecrated by love that she has given to it.  
But the time for its display is not yet, and for the present the secret must be jealously guarded.

Sir Frank Bernard Dicksee, English painter and illustrator of the Pre-Raphaelite persuasion, seemed to know a little about the ways of women, don't you think?  I wonder why, or how.  He's caught this furtive moment with perfection ~ that hesitancy to reveal.  We've all felt it at one time or another...isn't it quintessentially just like this?

I've had a whole year of this feeling and was not even aware of it until now.  I am unsure what this means and I'm uncertain what to do about it or even if it needs having something done.  But some things are percolating.  My time to focus just received a rather splendid calling card.

The events in our lives happen in a sequence in time,
but in their significance to ourselves, they find their own order...
the continuous thread of revelation.
~ Eudora Welty ~



Small reminders...


Sometimes that's all we need,
a little reminder to make us pause
take another look
reconsider a season.

Quite some time ago, I hung this bookmark from the wall lamp above where I read & stitch, tied in that particular spot so I would not forget its important message.  It has never even seen the inside of a book.  When the window is open it flutters nonstop in the breezes but now that it's winter and the windows stay latched, it's catching shadows from the late light instead.  I snapped it fast, didn't see the 'Rule of Thirds' or even the shadow it cast of itself.  Just the lacework wallpaper and how calm it all looked illuminated by that light.

And then I did what I have done a hundred times before.



First Friday and some other firsts...


Every month in nearby Old Town Anacortes, they have what's called 'First Friday Art Walk.'
Galleries, shops & eateries stay open late and the main drag buzzes with activity.
Have you ever been to one of these?  Oh so much FUN.
But there's something extra special about the First Friday in December.
The holiday season seems to infuse it with such a festive spirit
and a festive spirit was just what I was after.  

A clear, cold night perfect for those with warm winter coats, like dawg,
who came along for a night on the town.
Although a rural woofer, she'll never pass up an opportunity to prowl for pats.

The Samish Gallery of Native Arts was filled with stardust!
Ok, window reflections from the street trees but that would make for a good story, wouldn't it?

Glass snowflakes...


and little antique shops with scents of mulled wine & hot apple cider
wafting from the doorways, not to mention the baked goods heaped on trays.
Ok, we won't.  But that led to this...

THE BEST restaurant in town.
For starters, a to-die-for Thai tomato bisque soup followed by
seared scallops in lime butter, sauteed organic kale with garlic
sided with a scrummy potato croquette,
all washed down with a local red.
Yup, the feelin' was quite festive indeed.

By morning,
the sun brought these...

long, glorious shadows after days & days of gray-upon-gray.
The first sun of December!

Upstairs on the worktable, there was a little weather happening.
Some rain was falling...
T's soft rain, all the way from Australia where they are having summer
and where I like to imagine their stories are being stitched into storycloths, too.

Sending heartfelt wishes of good cheer and festive spirits to all!

Note: all night photos were taken with the trusty phone (aka Batphone)