bead sketches : month three


March was a bit wild, not the least of which was the unrelenting rainfall
which definitely set my teeth on edge by month's end (all time records were broken for Seattle!)
but did make for cozy hours at the beading table and a guilt-free frame of mind
as I watched the grass grow another foot taller and didn't have to mow it.

So now there's 12 ...

March's collection - month three of my '52 weeks : bead sketches' project - was more challenging
than earlier months due to paper wrangling one week and found object attachment issues
the next ... but part of the joy of this project is continuing on no matter what.
Nothing has to be perfect.
I can change my mind right in the middle of a bead pattern
because these are "idea" squares ... itty bitty templates for trying on a new dress, 
so to speak.  And it's all about the process, not about the finished product.

I've said it before - this adventure is so  freeing.

There was quite a lot of positive feedback last time about posting my inspiration each week,
so once again I'll note the source, or the word prompts, or where my ideas came from.
They are written below each photograph with links, if appropriate.

~ followed two simple questions: how might I create  texture  on those triangles
& what kind of edge treatment(s) might compliment the graphic elements? ~

~ thinking about an homage to "broken wings" inspired by THIS IMAGE ~

~ one glorious evening I bought a marvelous tome, wrapped in a paper bag,
from this [in]famous BOOKSTORE 

~ contemplation of leaves in the last line of THIS

: : :

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