So much


There is so much to share, so much I want to tell you
about my recent travels in Scotland ...
about another wonder-filled masterclass at Big Cat Textiles,
tutored by India Flint to a roomful of generous hearted, spirit seeking women ...
about wanders into the wild Scottish landscape
botanizing all along the way ...


I'm not one to summarize quickly.
I need time
to let everything percolate,
time to allow the experience to sink into my bones.

~ Sunset light at low tide, River Tay, Newburgh, Fife ~

So for now I will leave you with a splendid poem from Maya Stein today,
one that captures quite beautifully
some of my feelings spending time along this river again.
Please enjoy.
And I'll be back before too long.

: : :

with summer still in their eyes

The sun was setting earlier than yesterday, and the cows
were uneventful.  The road would bring no more traffic
that evening.  Fifteen miles away, a town rested its tired arms.
The travelers were tired, too.  They cobbled dinner together
from the findings in a country store - iceberg lettuce, baked potatoes,
a wedge of local cheese - then slunk outdoors to catch the final light.
They each felt a scratch at their backs, a new season tapping its nails
against their thin shirts.  They knew this moment couldn't last.
And yet, with summer still in their eyes, they waited until the final rays
disappeared behind the mountains, until the stars arrived, like answers.