Getting the hang of it


Someday I hope to unwrap a bundled article of clothing
and have it 
look like an old paint rag.
Assembling the right combination of ingredients isn't the key ...
choosing the right fabric doesn't seem to be the key either ...
nor is how I roll it up, tie the string,
the cooking time or whether the vegetation was frozen or fresh
or how long I've let time be my friend afterwards ...
and shoot, I may have forgotten to pre-mordant.
None of these is  the  key

that's the main thing I'm learning about this natural dyeing process,
the reason why it's so critical to keep practicing, work steadily, experiment,
build a knowledge base one step on top of the other.

Luck will only get ya so far.

there's that no-small-matter of
 intuition ... 
often just a quiet fluttering off to the side,
a barely noticeable nudge
 towards a choice I wasn't going to make.
Am I listening hard enough?

I will concede that
some paint rags are prettier than others
I've got miles to go before
purple blobs are gonna be skillfully arranged into a
worthy item of clothing ...
at least
that's how it feels today.
But I am a bit cranky.

Maybe I should just blame it on the Super Moon ...

I feel a bit like that button !

Tis one good thing tho:
thrift store stuff is cheap
and fairly plentiful.

TWO good things ...

nothing in the world like having the fine company of Her Fluffiness 
when I'm a tad grumpy ... 


Windfall for the dyepot


Foraged a bit in the garden this morning.  It's been a fine stretch of summer
weather - plants are filled to bursting with blooms.
Found these spent petals, a cache from the 'black' hollyhocks ...
known around my place as
* promises waiting to happen *
Powerful mark-makers are these little sputniks !
Am still as head-over-heels as ever
and can't wait to give them a try on paper ...

: : :

Photo mumbo-jumbo:
shot with iPhone
fine tuning & adjustments in Snapseed app
blur, focal point & vignette added with Jazz app
final adjust & copyright added with PicMonkey

Joining with the gang over at Kim's place for Friday Finds ...
lots of great stuff to be seen over there, go peek.