Windfall for the dyepot


Foraged a bit in the garden this morning.  It's been a fine stretch of summer
weather - plants are filled to bursting with blooms.
Found these spent petals, a cache from the 'black' hollyhocks ...
known around my place as
* promises waiting to happen *
Powerful mark-makers are these little sputniks !
Am still as head-over-heels as ever
and can't wait to give them a try on paper ...

: : :

Photo mumbo-jumbo:
shot with iPhone
fine tuning & adjustments in Snapseed app
blur, focal point & vignette added with Jazz app
final adjust & copyright added with PicMonkey

Joining with the gang over at Kim's place for Friday Finds ...
lots of great stuff to be seen over there, go peek.


  1. such beautiful spend flowers and the processing really works so well! Have a great weekend!

    1. Nancy, thanx heaps for popping by - thank you!
      And you have a swell weekend yourself ;>]]

  2. What a lovely time you must have had in Scotland! (Are you also going to Japan with Patty this fall?)
    Aren't hollyhocks incredible...they are even more wonderful after freezing. Stop by some time, C. I'd love to see you--

    1. JANET!!!!!
      Good of you to visit, even better for the note - sounds great, would love to see you [will e-you first to arrange].
      Nope, no Japan for me .... I am full to the brim & overflowing from my Scottish adventure, will tide me over
      nicely for quite some time.
      Hope to see you soon !

  3. Oh boy -- I can't wait to see the results you get from these beauties!

    1. Cauldron being lit tomorrow, Penny, so cross dem fingers ;>]]

  4. Hey, I'm collecting these next to my door too ;-)

  5. These are so beautiful. I thought they were little bundles from the dye pot at first Christi!

    Ive almost given away blogging... almost but not... so my visits to lovely people all over are so rare but I was prompted to say hello and send my warmest wishes as I did appreciated the moments we have exchanged going back.

    Hope all is well with you and many hours are spent at things you love!
    Warm wishes,

    1. Gosh Sophie, thanx so much for stopping by and especially for leaving such sweet words of Hello!
      I hope everything is going terrif for you in your world & that you're still creating up a storm ... yes, we've
      had lovely visits in the past haven't we? Ahhh, but life moves along and priorities change ....
      Still, soooooo good to say "HELLO" back. All best wishes to you.