From the sea


It's been a fine, fine week
filled with many things
that just
make my heart sing

Pebbles were aligned,

tides were watched,
while in between

there was quite a bit of dunking.

I'd dyed a thrift shirt
in honor of my friend's visit

and much like in days of old
watching a photograph come to life
in the darkroom tray,
so too, my shirt's colors
after a dip in the salty brink.
pure and simple.

Kelp jewelry
and an abundant assortment of seaweed gifts
piled along the shore
inspired an experiment ...
what if they might give color?
Although I live by the sea, I have never tried.

So I waited, mustering patience
while my seaweed bundle
rested for five long days.

This morning, I unwrapped her

and I do believe a treasure trove of possibilities

: : :

My  Friday Find ... joining in with the gang over at Kim's place
to celebrate life's simple pleasures.


Another place


::  flight miracle  ::

Although there may be long stretches of time between blog posts,
it's rare a day goes by when I don't fiddle with photographs ...
either taking them or playing with them;
editing & stacking apps, playing with effects, layering textures,
double exposures ... on and on it goes.

True confession:
I have absolutely, unreservedly,
fallen under the spell of iPhoneography.
[digital photography with a smartphone]

At this moment
there's a wee bit of a backlog of images piling up
and I've been noticing a lot of folks
sharing similar mobile photography interests
who I want
to be in touch with ...
I love learning from them and I love to see how
they're translating their world.

::  what memories might look like stitched into cloth  ::

To that end
there's a new link over in the sidebar


won't you join me?

::  dreams of summer  ::

My intention is to build a library of images over there,
a collection of edits that won't necessarily appear here ...
experiments, new translations of old subject matter,
and a whole bunch of explorations
into the wide unknown.
There will undoubtedly be dogs,
dye pots,
 views around my hood,
and elsewhere this summer.

I'll be hash tagging the apps I use, to keep record
and also to share the work process
because some of my fondest successes have come from
following the footsteps of others who've shared theirs.
Wanna keep that circle going ...

I may not always have a lot of words,
but I'm never short of a picture or two.


Dilapidated usefulness


It's been said that all roads lead to Rome
and in the case of my longstanding search for an old copper kettle,
this has proven true ...

I have found her.

Not too big,
not too small, 
but   just right.

Love at first sight, it was, because of this ...
how many hands have wrapped around that handle?
Held and poured?

A bit of historical sleuthing dredged up some interesting facts:
The current Revere Copper Products was founded in 1801 by Paul Revere.
Rome Manufacturing was established in 1892, a division
of Rome Brass Copper with production facilities in Rome, NY.
In 1928, a merge of five northeastern copper companies
produced the Revere Copper and Brass Corporation,
the largest copper manufacturer in the U.S.

Turns out this old gal is vintage Revere Ware.
She's a sweet wreck
with her pock marks and dents and peeling paint.
The thrift shop ladies were clearly perplexed
when I couldn't hand over my ten dollars fast enough.

Her days of useful service are far from over.
She may be past her prime for proper domestic service
but she can't be more perfect for my dye kitchen.
I hope she didn't think she was retired ...

: : :

In a stroke of serendipity, Hipstamatic released a new vintage-feel
lens/film combo pak
the same day I found my kettle ...
they call it Monti
so I took it for a test run.
All images are straight out of camera [iPhone]
no post-processing except to add copyright.


this moment :: May Day .... wheeeeeeee!


Joining Soulemama, and many others, in  this moment

described thusly ...

A Friday ritual.  A single photo
~ no words ~
capturing a moment from the week.
A simple, special, extraordinary moment.
A moment I want to pause, savor and remember.


... today's reflections are  HERE.

You are welcome to share your moment, too.