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Mr. Walid al Damirji is a clothing designer based in London's Mayfair district.
He is unusual in that enterprise because his upcycling brand, By Walid, doesn't lean on
a traditional need for massive press coverage or big, glitzy fashion shows ...
Walid's preference is to remain a small, artisanal, cottage industry,
creating the most remarkable (to my eyes, at least) one-of-a-kind garments.

He may not be able to maintain this more quiet approach for long.
His garments are quite incredible and since his launch in 2011,
word has been spreading like ripples across a still pond.

Every piece, made by hand.

~ 19th century Ottoman splendor for the new Murat jacket, Autumn/Winter 2018 ~

"It's a collection of clothing made from repurposed heritage and
antique fabrics, some of which date as far back as the 18th century. And if this
recycling-upcycling concept is unusual, the way it's applied is even more so.
Every fabric used in By Walid's collection is a mixture of many different
repurposed textiles - from 19th-century French damask to embroidered silk kimonos to
Victorian table linen - cut and sewn together by hand on an organic cotton base
with an embroidery technique reminiscent of the traditional Japanese art of  boro.
Each fabric is then hand-dyed before being turned into the final garments.
They are then hand-finished, resulting in pieces that, in every detail,
are one-of-a-kind clothes."

Torn - often shredded - vintage textiles
given a new life ...

The shapes are clean and understated, but oh my, the fabrics can be
sumptuous and often include lace, crochet and beading ...

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  1. HOw absolutely stunning. Thanks for introducing us
    LYNN x

  2. rather gorgeous. d'you think he's chopping up ralli quilts or layering and stitching all that deliciousness himself?

    1. From my understanding, he has a small backroom army of stitchers (including textile master students) who compile the layering and do the dyeing under his direction & tutelage. What a gig that would be.

  3. thank you for sharing, his work is stunning

    1. My pleasure ... glad you've enjoyed it, Susan.

  4. Imagine going thru his stockpile of beautiful fabrics ~ bliss.

  5. Ohhhhh! The photo of the torn fabric gives me ideas for my crazy quilt! Lovely.

  6. How stunningly gorgeous...and unique! Thanks bunches for the introduction to this designer! Hugs for now from brrrr New Hampshire...

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