Studying the ways of water ...


A few experiments from my last diving session with paper
These entailed using several varieties of watercolor & printmaker's paper;
frozen and fresh gleanings from the garden & hedgerow;
a steam bath, an onion bath, a mixed willow bath
and another that bordered on sage green;
alum pre-mordanting;
iron dipping & not iron dipping,
wrapping around pipes & layering between tiles.

The language of plants on cloth is certainly related to paper.  But not distantly,
like a 3rd cousin of your brother-in-law ... much closer, like siblings
who just don't live in the same state.
Water seems to me to be their shared vehicle
and I find it utterly fascinating how the exact same leaves can print
one way on cloth and another way altogether on paper.

: : :

"You don't have to be fully formed to get started on your work.  If that were true no one would ever start anything. But we live in a society were everyone wants to be a superstar and often find it difficult to be a beginner.  Think of all the great people and of their amazing journeys to reach the tops of their profession.  They were beginners who took action."

An inspiring quote by Terry Jarrard-Dimond
from her blog post,  Act On Your Ideas