This is how I felt on Friday (big, raucous weekend ahead!) ...

and this is how I felt this morning ... Monday ...

~ unknown, circa 1890's ~

You see, it's time for my annual   spring  cleaning.

Yes, yes, yes, I  know  it's the middle of August,
so you can simply imagine the state of things.

Wish me luck.



Working in a series


You know how it is when you've been having thoughts, but
they're not living in the forefront of your mind ... just lurking,
tucked in the way-back and not getting much attention?
I realized after I made these photos on the ferry the other day
that this had been happening with my own ideas
working in a series ...
 working in a series with improvisational bead embroidery
on my hand dyed cloth.

How did these photos lead to that ?

The quirky photo app that created these ghost (mirrored) images was a
lens & film combination on Hipstamatic 
Salvador [for Dali] lens  and the just-released Robusta film to be exact ~
and as I sat in my jeep looking at the results of this same view
illustrated three distinctly different ways 
the idea came to me
to try it on some beadwork in process at home.

I couldn't wait to get back ...

I'm thinking there's something important to be said for having purposeful focus;
deliberate intent vs. just wandering [nothing against wandering, of course];
exploring aspects of a thing, in depth, until one knows it extremely well
and can express it with clarity, a sense of direction ...
These seem like sound reasons for working on a series.

There are six of these on my work table
and I'm going to think about them more deliberately - as a group, a series -
not only how they relate to one another, but what story they tell as a whole.
They are, after all, cut from the same cloth.

In the meantime, I'd love to read your comments about
what working on/within a series has done for you,
for your creative expression.
Has it changed how you focus?