Another place


::  flight miracle  ::

Although there may be long stretches of time between blog posts,
it's rare a day goes by when I don't fiddle with photographs ...
either taking them or playing with them;
editing & stacking apps, playing with effects, layering textures,
double exposures ... on and on it goes.

True confession:
I have absolutely, unreservedly,
fallen under the spell of iPhoneography.
[digital photography with a smartphone]

At this moment
there's a wee bit of a backlog of images piling up
and I've been noticing a lot of folks
sharing similar mobile photography interests
who I want
to be in touch with ...
I love learning from them and I love to see how
they're translating their world.

::  what memories might look like stitched into cloth  ::

To that end
there's a new link over in the sidebar


won't you join me?

::  dreams of summer  ::

My intention is to build a library of images over there,
a collection of edits that won't necessarily appear here ...
experiments, new translations of old subject matter,
and a whole bunch of explorations
into the wide unknown.
There will undoubtedly be dogs,
dye pots,
 views around my hood,
and elsewhere this summer.

I'll be hash tagging the apps I use, to keep record
and also to share the work process
because some of my fondest successes have come from
following the footsteps of others who've shared theirs.
Wanna keep that circle going ...

I may not always have a lot of words,
but I'm never short of a picture or two.


  1. Surely in your case 'a picture is worth a thousand words'. I love your image work, wish I were as artistically skilled as you are.

  2. excellent idea! will be checking out the images for sure...

  3. that first image is a dream!!!!

  4. I always enjoy seeing your photos, what do you call it... phonography? That's a new one to this old troglodyte. In this batch, the first and last are both haunting and memorable with their lenses of illumination. I'm in awe of your artistry.