... passage to America


More often than not, I choose to sit in my jeep for the watery commute "to America"
(an expression used by the islanders when we refer to traveling to the mainland).
Some might call me anti-social
and that's ok in my books.
Most folks leave the car decks and head upstairs to the passenger area
to gab, or read ... maybe knit, work on the communal jigsaw puzzles, chug some coffee ...

I'm the weirdo who stays behind making photos on her phone.
I can't help myself.

Perhaps I'm an app-aholic?

good grief.

Where was I going with this post ... oh yes, to America ...
where I spied some scintillating rust at the shipyard

big pieces of steel marking the passage of time.
[ this one is for all my rust-nut friends ... you know who you are ]

We're all marking time ...
it's a big news night here in America.

These periodic supply runs off-island are nothing
if not exhausting, so what could be better fortification
than hot n' spicy organic soup ...

which again, I ate in my jeep ...

surely this comes as no surprise  [ grin ]?

These are only simple things, really ...
in comparison to decisions being made in the States this day, they are fluff.  As I write
it is early evening here on the west coast & we have
hours to go before we know.
I wonder where this country is going next?

At the toll booth the way was clear:  an arrow for  *go* and an X for *stop* ...

if only it were that easy.

See you on the other side, my friends ...
in the meantime, it may be time for another simple thing ~ a stiff brandy.

: : :

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  1. i lean towards the anit-social side...i'm glued to the tv.

  2. It's a good time to process your thoughts x

  3. Nice visual metaphor, Christi...
    If only it WERE that easy

    Rust Lover

  4. I don't think it's anti social to choose solitude.
    However, I would probably choose to be in the open air, if it wasn't too cold.

    I'm happy today. The men I worked for in this election won. My President and my Senator. I can take a breath and relax for a moment. I don't know where we are going..but at least I voted.

  5. Lovely post! Those quiet, simple moments are the only true thing we can 'control' in our lives and its important to savor them truly and honestly.

  6. Solitude is always a welcome thing. Enjoy it when you have a chance.

    I'm going back to ogle the rust....

  7. solitude, soup and rust

    ticks all the boxes for me.

    and may i add, congratulations, Mr President. i'm not a local voter [they don't let aliens do that], but i take an interest!

  8. Love these images... especially the first and second.

  9. i love riding the ferry . i do not live in washington but i spend a lot of time there .
    sometimes i get out of the car and sometimes i sit in my car . i guess it depends on my
    mood .

  10. A marvelous post, especially now that we are on the other side of a certain decision of great import. Your photos are great. -sus

  11. Well, here we are on the other side. I am glad for the respite following the wake of media onslaughts from every arena. It's going quiet [quieter, at least] again and I'm especially grateful for the everyday hum-drum returning.

    I enjoyed all of your comments so much. Thank you for taking a few moments to leave some words ~ always so very much appreciated and welcome.

  12. mark me as anti-social. as if that were a surprise?!

    being on the east coast we went to bed before the results were in.
    Tom was sure Romney would triumph.
    I scoffed. Secretly praying that my friends to the south would let the man finish what he'd started.
    morning saw that sanity prevailed. a sigh of relief.
    it's said that living next door to the US is a bit like sleeping w/an elephant. every toss. every turn is felt. repercussions felt like the wake of a large boat passing.

    and now? election rhetoric transposed w/Christmas ..nay HOLIDAY.. intensity. oh. joy. :)

    1. ...no surprise at all, my a.s. friend ;>]
      Your Canadian viewpoint set me to chuckling ~ elephant, HA!! And we view YOU as our escape hatch...or at least one of them. I tend to view our northern neighbor in other ways as well, mostly all good.
      As for the holidays, my reaction begins with, "Bah..."

      Pats & wags to Stella!

  13. What absolutely stunning images. The first one is my favorite. You have a superb blog!

    1. Thanks for the kind words. The first one is mine, too...

  14. I need to take a ferry ride soon. It's been a long time.

    1. There's something kinda unexplainable about being swaddled in all that steel, yet still afloat...

  15. haven't been by in ages, and here you are, on a ferry, doing the fun stuff, on election day. and now, we can get on with things. and it's another holiday. anyway, thanks.