bead sketches : month six


June was my birth month and I was having very mixed feelings
about growing older, like we all do I suppose.  I try not to dwell on the negatives
and instead, steer any introspection that occurs right towards that which
is beautiful and calm and filled with positivity.
And that's where doing an enterprise that we love
can save us.

Not to put too dramatic a spin on it, but it's a challenge to not be
brought down by the goings-on in the world.
It seems so important to keep going 
in the midst of all that

I didn't follow particular prompts in June, not like previous months. The natural dye pots
were fired up, sewing was at hand, the garden was being tended & revamped for
dye plants (instead of food) ... then, the new space needed arranging, many
photographs to take & play with, resting to give attention to, dietary changes to make
 and so all became one big swirl of activity,
each one seeming to feed off the other
with hardly any separation or pause.

There were words, some phrases, even memories that cropped up
while working with these littles so I'll share those instead
and you can make of them what you will ....

walking a thin line
full pockets
order from chaos
solace undermined
the wee lass who collected abalone shells on her 10th birthday
"nostalgia is not indulgence"
sunset tidelines
stay calm; wait, hope
delicate balance
relative symmetry
frayed around more than the edges
flower  power
"to rest is to prepare to give the best of ourselves"

: : : :

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  1. They are all exquisite - but my favorite would have to be the abalone shell. It makes my heart dance.

    1. Thank you kindly,
      I love that your heart's dancing.

  2. I love this group. Free and yet orderly. I see evolution and they evoke happy memories of the Oscar de la Renta show...the textures and color pairings 👏🏻💓👗

  3. it is difficult to said new words on theese beatiful pieces , never thought beeds could give such expression , i knew only beeds from my work with children and its quiete different , your introduce seems very relating to what i think too

    1. I am not surprised we are thinking/feeling the same.

      And I'm so delighted you find the beads expressive. They are a "language" very dear to my heart, but sometimes it is difficult to "write" .....

  4. thank you for sharing your words and memories. Of course, Full Pockets appealed to me, followed by 'the wee lass who collected abalone shells on her 10th birthday'. Love the first one and the abalone piece but all are lovely.

    1. Probably many of us lassies walked the beach like that & stuffed our pockets ;>))
      Thank you, Robyn.

  5. The abalones are my favorite. Colored gauze and frayed edges coupled with the hard and sharp edges of shell.

    Stitching beads or fiber to enhances a fabric have always been a favorite pastime with no special purpose in mine.

    And I find myself walking a thin line all too often, especially as I pass into my elder years.

    I never felt any different on my birthday. Life events have formed my defining moments. The great thing about birthdays is that they are better than the alternative.
    xx, Carol

  6. I just love your 'word collections' -- each one deserving of thought and perhaps a meditation here and there. Your bead stitcheries are wonderful. This has been a difficult summer for our nation and for many individuals that I know. Trying to move past and on to what should be and not dwell on what is!

    1. We all deal with struggle in our own particular ways. I don't "do" politics well at all and rarely speak publicly of difficulties at hand. So I deal with them in the only way that feels true to my nature. Not perfect, but is the best I can do.

  7. old is ok, at least an opportunity to see what its like. these would look wonderful all together on a wall, a patchwork in a way.

    1. Yup, there's a *wall plan* afoot ...
      Thank you for forever inspiring patchwork.

  8. thoughtful words...like a dance between narrow steps to full out circles! I like them all as one loves the whole flower bed but the last with shine and order speaks to me today. I'm looking to August.

    1. Thanks Mary Ann,
      shall pop over to your spot now and see what kind of dancing you've been up to ;>)

  9. Magnificent as always - this bead sketch project is a brilliant success. I dream of doing something similar just with embroidery stitches... but that goes on the one day pile. I already have enough projects for more than one lifetime!

  10. Good lord - these are brilliant! I love each and every one of your masterpieces!!!!