Thought it might be fitting to wind down this year of posts
with some thought-provoking verse from Maya Stein.  I've borrowed one of her words
for the title of this one.   "a dream" appeared in this morning's mail with perfect timing,
as her poetry so often does, and not only includes a reference to potholes, but arrived
exactly when I am ripe for the reading.
yes, this will be a fine word to hold onto for the new year ... a heady reminder
that most blockades I feel are actually the ones I've put up myself.

First though, I owe you kind folks a debt of gratitude for your extremely helpful comments
on my last post about a Sweetpea Path makeover.  You've given me much to consider
and I'm so glad I asked!  It's been very  very  enlightening
and heartwarming
to receive your feedback, both on the blog and via private emails.
Thank you so much for taking the time to do that.
My 'idea hat' is now filled to the brim.

~ Mt. Baker view, while riding the ferry across the Salish sea ~

... so without further ado

a dream

For a moment, it all disappeared: the potholes tripping up your stride,
the broken love story, the difficult decision, the rigor of worry about things
you know you can't possibly fix.  Suddenly, some vacuum sucked it all inside
and you leaned back, unimpeded, innocent, casual with your gaze, the stings
of your life returned to their nascent nettles.  For a moment, you were able
to neutralize your place in the world, find fresh buoyancy in the waves.
For a moment, you saw, even, the geometry of loss, each cradle
that holds our grief so steady, each heartbeat threading through the maze.
But this was no sunny island reverie, some implausible and pointless dream.
It was you, remembering where you've always been.

~ Maya Stein

: : :

from "10-Line Tuesday" poetry series
... a backlog can be viewed   here


  1. Thanks Christi ! (oops had to look that one up : unimpeded ....)

    All the best to you Christi, see you next year.

    1. See you next year, oh yes, you will .... ringing in happening shortly .....
      The best to you, too, Els.

  2. yep, this is a good poem christi. thanks. see you on the other side...

    1. You'll get there before me, Velma, hold down the fort ;>]

  3. I so like the word unimpeded and the poem is magnificent. Very thoughtful post .. I'm too late on the comments for changing the post but I read them and I agree with most ... I like your site just the way it is ... the background color is such a good compliment to most photographs. Happy New Year ... I don't often comment but I do do enjoy your photographs, thoughts and actually the whole blog ...carry on, Mary Ann

    1. Very kind of you, Mary Ann, thanks so much for the lovely words.
      Happy New Year to you as well.

  4. I love this word - unimpeded!! Its a perfect word to start a new year with -- and hopefully a guide for the coming year. I've copied Maya Stein's words - to carry with me into this brand new sparkling new year - filled with promise and ideas and thoughts - all of them 'unimpeded'.

    1. That's a fine idea ... to carry Maya's words into this sparkling new year.
      We can keep watch over each other, Penny, and make sure we are proceeding "unimpeded"!

  5. clink ! a toast to you and yours from just after 4am on the first day of 2015 here in the Land Down Under!

  6. Am heading towards toasting time in a little over 13 hours, Mo, at which time I will *clink* to you in return !

  7. I could put myself there, in that dream, floating with all the stress flowing away. A buoyant moment. If only it were real.
    Great word. I'm looking forward to what 2015 will bring.
    xx, Carol

  8. unimpeded rings true for me, the word has brought some sorrow, not a bad thing thank you

  9. Love the photograph, the technique, In fact, love all of them.

  10. You are an excellent photographer, and I love your 'thought' muse. This is my first time here. Your blog has an 'old soul' feel to it, which I like very much indeed!
    Don't change it too much. We are all unique individuals and our own style is everything. Why fix it if it isn't broken? Just my own feeling with my first experience here.
    The prose by Maya Stein is profound.
    Teresa in California