Changes gonna come


My little blog is in need of some new finery.

~ deer trail across the front field ~

Just like the deer trail above,
Sweetpea Path has barely wavered  in style, direction or sideline accoutrements
since hopping onto the internet five years ago.
Oh my, has it really been  that  long?
Why, some blog authors I know have changed their look half a dozen times
within that span.

Our time has come.
And I'm so excited !

~ picnic table, weathering ~

Dunno exactly when, sometime early in the new year I expect,
I'll be shaking it up around here.  Gonna stay with Blogger [am comfy here]
but I've been feeling the need for pages/tabs up top [more elbow room to add information],
a little less clutter in the sidebar [maybe no sidebar at all],
and well, just the opportunity to enjoy more template options such as fonts & picture placement;
perhaps even a header with photos in it - imagine that.

My current template is so old, no one joining Blogger in the last few years has had
the option of using it.  It's terribly limiting and I do believe
I've plum outgrown it.

So this is to let you know there may be a bit of chaos
while I sort out my new  *look* 
I was wondering, ahem, if I could ask you something ...

~ sun flares at winter solstice ~

You see, nowadays there are SO MANY options for page design/layout
I'm spoiled for choice.  And I'm a bit confused if truth be told.
A few details I'm certain about and the rest are up in the air.
What better way to get a temperature reading than to ask those of you who stop by,
what do you most like to see on someone's blog?
What welcomes you?  What makes you want to come back?
If you can spare a few moments, would you kindly leave a comment
[or write a quick note via the email link on the right if you prefer]
and let me know what blog attributes you like best ...
Meaning, as a visitor & reader, when you arrive on someones blog to peruse a post
what is it you really like to see there and what are the blog functions which make that easy?

Although this blog has served as my online journal - tailored & tuned in a personal way - 
there's no denying how very important you folks are.

I thank you in advance for leaving your thoughts.


  1. do you know what I gravitate to? its not a specific aesthetic - its the authenticity of the author's vision/voice..... (but I do enjoy an uncluttered space to enjoy the words and pics) --- have fun changing things up xxx

  2. I prefer good easy to read print with a plain background, as you already have. An easy way of following, as you already have, some blogs are so frustrating when you can't find a way to join. I am always interested to know which country bloggers live in, and an easy list of labels to backtrack into subjects I am most intertested in, again as you already have.
    And bloggers who have effects like stars or flying dragons, I would really love to know how they do that. Looking forwad to seeing what you decide.

  3. Like you (I think) I read my blogs in Inoreader and rarely visit actual sites. Unless I comment. Like now.
    And as you know (I think) I am inveterate "changer of things blog". And I waffle. Muchly.
    All this to say, do what YOU feel works for YOU ... aesthetically, for ease, turns your crank.
    And should you require any assistance? DO shout.

    ps. Merry Christmas Miss SP! xo

  4. I can tell you what I DO NOT like but first, I will tell you that I go for the full blog treatment. Meaning that I go directly to the blog to read the post. I do not use a reader because everyone's post is all the same then and I can't remember who is who. I want to feel like I am in your living room with you. (Maybe I read too many blogs)
    So, two things I do not like are 1. tiny pictures. 2. "read more" breaks in the post. I don't want to have to click again to read the whole post.

    I like your color scheme that you are now using. Adding pages/tabs is a simple and good thing.
    Don't get confused with what everyone likes and doesn't like. Just do what pleases you and we will be happy to keep coming back.

  5. I have always loved your blog layout. Mine is pretty similar so I guess that attests to the fact.
    I like a blog roll on the side with a pic of the blogger icon....as you have it
    ...to see the tags
    ...comments on the same page as post so I can scan up to see if I have remembered to comment on all I read
    ...no pic wallpaper background..it's too busy and distracting
    ...links to wherever else you are on the net
    ...I like to see a profile including where you live
    I LOVE the pic of dawg on the side bar. He is beautiful and I always enjoy seeing him there.

    I read every time you post. That isn't because of your blog style, but what you post and who you are. Make yourself happy with your template and your readers will be happy too.

    I don't switch mine up much. It's just too darned time consuming for a techno-challenged me!

    Happy New Year.
    xx, Carol

  6. good art and deep heart
    and you've got that happpening here at Sweet Pea Path Christi

  7. I like your blog (that's obvious because I have you in my blogroll), so there are not many things to say about changing. Like Debbie, I prefer a plain backround, but in light colors; I really hate/my eyes don't like white letters and a black backround. And like Sharon, I don't like to see "read more" breaks.

  8. Here's what I like -- and you don't even have to make changes for these. I love your authenticity, I LOVE your photography and the topics you choose to share. I love your words. I too like the feeling that I'm sitting with you and discussing life over a cup (or two or three) of tea. I like simple. I love to have 'go-to' blog sites listed on the side. I like to be able to maneuver easily, come back later and reread or read the comments in one easy step. Whatever you choose -- I'll be with you for over these many years you have become part of my life.

  9. Aw, Christie, I have only just discovered your blog, love it, and now you want to change it.! I think it's perfect, the colours are beautiful, easy on the eye, the ideal background to your marvellous images. I have had to go way,way, back to enthral over all the posts I have missed.
    A real treasure of a blog.

  10. Sorry, I spelt your name wrong, Christi .


  11. Hello Christi, I have also just arrived here (via the December Reflections of course ;) but I like what I see and I am finding my way around fine. For me, the print needs to be easy too read, otherwise I'm put off. I understand your urge for a revamp though, I get it regularly where I just want to change my whole blog. So glad to have come across your photography as it is beautiful and speaks to me. xxx

  12. Love your blog just the way it is. It feels serene, a perfect backdrop for your thoughtful, sensitive words. It feels like a refuge to enter your artistic journey.

  13. I wanted to say what a blessing it was to read your last post, but my comment won't stick, so I'll try it here…maybe your new design will like me better…ha!

  14. To everyone ****** THANK YOU ******** sincerely, for all your helpful ideas & feedback about what you like n' don't like about blog designs. All of this is incredibly helpful and insightful and you've provided much food for thought ! I was especially pleased to receive messages from some of you who visit often, yet rarely comment - you did this time, because I asked. So an extra special ***** THANK YOU ***** to you folks. I am sooooo appreciative !!

    What I didn't expect at all [since re-design was the only thing on mind] was to hear feedback about "content" and here you made me pause .... If you only knew how often I have hesitated over posts ... wondering if I've revealed too much, held back too much, or had some other mind dialogue about putting something out there for all the world to see. In the end I've chosen to go with my gut and as me hubs likes to encourage: speak as if your best friend is sitting across the table from you. So I have and now I see how perfectly OK that has been. Good. It suits me just fine.

    Thanks again .... for ALL of it. And now it's time to sort out this marvelous "Idea Hat" and proceed with a little spiff-up !

  15. given that you are driven by visual aesthetics, it makes sense to me that you might want to update your look. I will be repeating others, but here's what I like about your place -- stunning visuals -- you could turn everything else inside out and as long as your photos remained as textured, haunting, evocative and well-mixed, I'd come back. Agree that type has to be easy to read. I have stopped reading blogs merely because they have a black background -- ugh! This grey-brown is easy on the eyes, but I will admit to preferring white. I used to really want to see what other blogs people are reading, but feel that that is less important now. I share your sense that so much stuff on the sidebar is 'clutter' -- and I plan to streamline mine in 2015, too. The other intangible essentials? Your voice, as others have said -- and not just here, but elsewhere, including on my blog. I have very much appreciated your comments there and on others, and that brings me back here as well. Good luck! Can't wait to see!