National Black Dog Day


October 1st is  National Black Dog Day.
It's a special day devoted to highlighting the plight
of black dogs in shelters around the country.

Around our place, EVERY day is black dog day
but to put a special note on it since
black dogs are notoriously difficult to re-home,
a warm hearted backward glance might be in order ...
an ode to some lovely mugs & the humans they owned.

~ archive photo, photographer unknown ~

~ Mary Miles Minter, 1917 ~

~ from George Eastman House ~

~ Queen Victoria, by W. and D. Downey, Getty Images ~

~ cabinet card from Germany, c. 1915 ~

~ Jet ~
[ 7/21/42 - 10/18/49 ]

Jet was an Alsatian who assisted in the rescue of 150 people
trapped under blitzed buildings.  Born in Liverpool, he served with the
Civil Defence Services of London and was awarded the Dickin Medal
and the RSPCA's Medallion of Valor for his rescue efforts.
He trained at the War Dogs School in Gloucester at 9 months in anti-sabotage
work and relocated to London.  Cpl. Wardle and Jet were the first handler and dog
to be used in an official capacity in Civil Defence rescue duties.

~ archive photo, Harris-Ewing ~

~ vintage photo, photographer unknown ~

~ Duchess of Fife with daughters, c. 1908 ~

~ Edwardian lady with her dog, French postcard ~

~ girl & her dog, Stockholm, Sweden, by Wilhelm Lundberg, c. 1865 ~

~ Helen Keller, archive photo ~

Whenever it is possible, my dog accompanies me on a walk or ride or sail.
I have had many dog friends - huge mastiffs, soft-eyed spaniels, 
wood-wise setters, and honest, homely bull terriers.
At present the lord of my affections is one of these bull terriers.  He has
a long pedigree, a crooked tail and the drollest "phiz" in dogdom.
My dog friends seem to understand my limitations, and always
keep close beside me when I am alone.  I love their affectionate ways
and the eloquent wag of their tails.
~ Helen Keller

~ Malvina Longfellow by Bassano, 1918


~ our black dog, Quinn ~

... grateful you came home with us, girlie.
You may be a handful 
and a training challenge, to say the least,
but you're all heart and smart as a whip.
It's only your fears holding you back ...
same as with the rest of us.


Can't adopt a black dog today?
That's ok ... it can be a big decision.
Here's something easy:


  1. Replies
    1. Soul-o !
      a fine feline, to be sure ...
      not a dog but not everybody is perfect.

      [ sorry. couldn't resist. gigglegiggle ]
      p.s. I LOVE cats but fella here is allergic ...

  2. Really enjoyed scrolling through all the vintage dog photographs! Happy National Black Dog Day.

    1. And the very same back to you, Beyond the DD
      You have a ***beautiful*** blog, very pleased to have visited there ...

  3. I rescued Jack from Doggie Jail and was so lucky to friend a black lab/box mix. He has gone now, but his memory is forever and everyday in my heart. My dogs are not black now, but still well loved. This is a nice post full of lovely dogs.

    1. Had to stop myself posting more photos ... there are so many black dogs!
      You sound like a wonderful dog mum, Carol - your woofies are lucky to own you ;>]

  4. We have a temporary dog in Shelby who visits with his human companions once a year and stays across the street from us. He is a joy -- what a retriever. I'm sure his ancestors herded sheep. His 'housemates' say that when they were looking for a dog they wanted a smart and lovable dog and they certainly haven't been disappointed. Since one of us in this household, not me, is allergic to dog dander we use Shelby as our once a year friend.

    1. Temporary dogs are like grace sent from above, often arriving when we need them most [like Jazz, who kept me great company when I was in far-off Scotland]. Bet ya Shelby is just as happy to see you each year as you, him!
      As for those allergies, I would have several cats if I could, but alas, one of us [not me] can't live with them so I mooch off my friends instead teeeheee.

  5. Sweetpea, Wonderful compendium of Black dog love.. I have 3 myself. xo

  6. that's a lovely series of photographs [though i wonder how that duchess breathed with such a tiny cinched waist]. Boston [the black dog belonging to my eldest] was a shelter dog. He's very happy now.

  7. Must have been the excellent corset !!
    Boston - a fine name - surely has a grand life if oldest shares the same love & respect for animals as her mum.

  8. I knew that about black cats but not about black dogs. Adopted Briar at 8 weeks. She's not as black now as she was then...

  9. ce magnifique billet m'a échappé! superbes photos... aussi le dernier!!!

  10. I love all the pictures. The dog with Queen Victoria looksexactly like my darling Blackie.
    Why are black dogs shunned? I don't understand then why there is a National Black dog day.