Hanging out with squares


You could say I've been making the [re]acquaintance of squares ...
as silly as it sounds, Instagram might be to blame.  Which won't make much sense to
non-users so to clarify:  Instagram, the online mobile photo-sharing & networking service,
has the distinctive feature of confining photos to a square format.
If you want to post there your image must fit into a square
so if you didn't shoot it that way to begin with, it's resized to fit.
Remember the Polaroids of old?

Framing within the rectangular 4:3 aspect ratio almost exclusively for most of my life
left me, at first, fighting for elbow room within this equal-sided confined space.

But before too long, I wondered what was so bad about a little size challenge anyway? 
Surely this leap wasn't going to be as great as dumping my film cameras
in trade for digital?
That was enormously difficult.

Fast forward a year or so ...

Forward through a whole lot of practice/editing time
while commuting on the ferries,

forward through lots of "window seat" opportunities to try this, try that, ask what if ...
Alternative worlds were tried on - my app-aholic time, I called it.
It took a while to sort of tweak my viewpoint
but making the subject matter fit into a




finally became not such a conscious struggle.

So what's come from all this?
A hefty file of ferry photos for one ...
During all weathers, ranges of light, in transit & not;
daytime, mid-darkness to ethereal at midnight; 
looking up, behind, out, across the rails or beyond -
laden with tourists in the high season,  deliciously empty & silent in the off ...

and at times, strangely decorated ...
My island wandercloth became a textile installation afloat
near Waldron Island
[yup, there's an app for that].

Somewhere along this mobile photography journey I began to follow an info-packed blog
called, "Art of Mob" compiled by Geri Centonze.  Wowza.  App reviews, tutorials,
fab interviews ... chock full.  I noticed Geri ran the occasional *challenge* on Instagram.
Planes, Trains and Automobiles  [any mode of rapid transit] was the chosen subject recently
so I thought, what the heck, I've got ferries ...
Twas the rope composition which floated me onto the  showcase
but I want to mention that I couldn't have done it without 
Distressed FX texture app ...
*  thank you  *

Now it seems the whole square option is sneaking its way into other aspects
of my once rectangular life.
'splash' went decidedly that direction without hesitation ...

and today's gathering of leaves got into the act ...
during the lineup for the seasonal portrait
they arranged themselves
just so.


  1. Ohhhh my goodness Christi, you've made yourself a wonderful Ferry-nine-patch !!! ;-)
    (+ two lovely works of your own !)

    1. geeesh, Els .... I had no idea! Must be a subliminal idea from my tide hanging out with jude ;>]
      COOL. That makes me happy, too ;>]

  2. Hmmm I'm wondering if this subject might make a beautiful book. Once again you've challenged yourself and come out a winner.

    1. A sweet thought, many thanks dear Penny.
      Right there on the shelf next to your book of dolls, eh?!

  3. oh i do know the leave my film camera behind story ... so hard for me that i only went digital after my photo store and printer closed shop ) : driving 2 hrs to la to get work done was out of the question . and now i take all my pictures with my iphone . my digital nikon only comes out if need be . my last trip to italy was all done with my iphone . i am thinking of the 6+ for the lense . the square has been a challenge when shooting my art but nature is good . sorry such a long post but you struck a cord with me . thank you

    1. kathyd, THANK YOU for taking your time to leave this long comment as I've alway felt that I can't be the only one having had these hiccups to overcome! I have great nostalgia for film days .... flipping cartridges in & out of assorted camera backs .... that sweet anticipation of what would come out of the darkroom. BUT - I don't want to go back to that ever. Not only did it cost me mega bucks to purchase all that film [ 3/4 of which got tossed in the bin ] but I no longer want to work with the toxic chemicals.

      You are striking a chord with your travel camera of choice for only my iPhone went with me to Scotland. I went thru a bit of agonizing beforehand about taking regular gear, yet once there, never yearned for my *real* camera, not once. We'll make it thru the square deal - yes we will ! thanx again ;>]]

  4. squares are "rooted" ... and no. I wasn't going for the groan. they just ...are! xo

    1. ... watching squares "take root" in my subconscious
      [ but I still groaned ] ;>P

  5. I love how these look! Very warm and deep. Making me want to learn more about instagram...

  6. just a fantastic collection... really gorgeous captures and texturing after...
    and PS I borrowed my husband's camera two weekends ago, and unbeknownst to me he'd set the aspect ratio to 5/1 (or maybe 4/1) -- oh god I had to crop like mad (something I never do) to make pix appealing for the blog.

    1. Puts the brain into another gear, doesn't dee?! [been stuck in that place myself once or twice]
      Nice thing these days is we have a lot more pixels to work with so cropping in & blowing up can still be
      very successful .... hope it all worked out for you.

  7. Each image is stunning, from your moody, atmospheric photographs to that glorious beading on soft velvet. Thank you!

    1. very kind of you, underatopazsky ... thanks for your visit !