The best advice


Gareth Bate with his  Jewel Net of Indra  installation.  Gareth is Festival Curator of the World of Threads Festival and
Exhibition Curator of Memento mori.   Photo: Saglara Kitchikova

Gareth Bate has some fabulous things to say.
He outlines some mighty fine advice for artists
including how to work with curators ...
how artists are chosen,
how artists should handle rejection ...
a treasure trove of useful information with an interesting point of view.
I think some who stop by here may enjoy reading his take on things
as much as I did ...

At the very end of the interview there is this gem:

What's the best advice you can give to artists?
The best advice I've ever heard for artists came from Art Dealer and Blogger, 
Edward Winkleman:

"Make work that is impossible to ignore."


  1. I liked this interview. A. Lot. Being both a curator (omg. what a FUN job that'd be!) and artist it was wonderful reading both perspectives. I haven't shown much. So I'm still pretty thin skinned. But after reading his reasoning on why "not", I think I'll be less shy. Thanks for the share, girlie. Much appreciated!

    1. Totally with ya on the thin skinned and it was reading both perspectives that interested me as well.
      Glad you got some good from this too, Jen ... guess we won't be running out of work to do
      any time soon. Best to you.

  2. "Make work that is impossible to ignore." ..... I've pinned it on my noticeboard

    1. Have it up here, too, Robyn ...
      That young man has some swell points of view, I think.

  3. I love that quote! As I reflected on it I realized that upon walking into a gallery the first work I spot are the pieces I 'can't ignore' and then I wander away, only to come back over and over again to enjoy them.

    1. Penny ! that is exactly what I do without thinking about it until you have just now mentioned it !

  4. Great advice; now, does he tell us HOW to make work that's impossible to ignore...?