what's to come

Say, for a moment, you gave yourself the luxury of floating your mind's
eye to the next chapter or your story. I know, you are still thick in the present tense,
married - for richer or poorer - to these pages. Or else you were told that what matters
is the now you're standing in, and you're a fool to take a stab before the hows and whens
announce themselves. But today, suspend the disbelief of your own wizardry. Imagine
words like roots not yet been planted, the sentences noodle and pliant.
Picture yourself in that ungardened garden,
the soil dark and porous, that loamy scent of what's to come not a defiant
question mark to shrink from but a light to lean against. How the tint and shade
begins to shape this vague new world your heart's already made.

~ Maya Stein
[... her last 10-line poem of 2013]

: : :

Thank you for all your visits here ...
It's been grand.
Let's celebrate new chapters 
 and the many ways we may "write" them next.
I like that idea of suspending disbelief in our own wizardry ... 
more of that, I'd say!
And that littlest seedling in the middle of the photo?
Grew just as tall and produced just as many beans
as all its companions.
No matter, really, if it appears we're lagging behind.
and all of us
in our own good time.

Happy  new ~ a toast to you all on this very fine eve!


  1. Lovely words for heading into a new year! Thank you and happy new year!

    1. You are so welcome, Susan
      ... and thank you
      for your continued visits.
      Best wishes for everything the new year has to offer!

  2. Replies
    1. Maya's 10-lines land in my mailbox every Tuesday
      and I can't tell you the number of times I let out a resounding, "Yes!" to her
      straightforward words ...
      She writes like you live, Hilary.
      The very best to you for next year and all your years.

  3. clink! a toast to you Christi!
    ( it's a cup on coffee at 9am on this first day of 2014 here in the Land Down Under but I prefer coffee to champagne any day!)

    1. 'Tis a wee bit of brandy on this end, Mo, that may turn into not-so-wee ;>]
      CLINK right back to you ~ may your first day be entirely swell !

  4. Replies
    1. ... double dollops of BOTH for you as well, deanna,
      and may all your wonderful making
      not slow down
      for one single second!

  5. Love this. And I've already ordered the first batch of seeds for the new year. :)

    1. wooooot, Deb, way tah go ... trying anything new this time around?
      May you have bounty!

  6. Beautiful words - I've copied them to sit here where I write my own words - to help guide me into a new year and whatever might come from it. Of course for me 'playing with stitches' is the most important adventure of each of my days and I shall continue to enjoy it and see where the path takes me (perhaps even slipping off the path once in awhile). Thank you Christi for your words the words of others that you pass along.

    1. I've enjoyed - immensely - watching you venture down your stitching paths, Penny ... your "playing" is an inspiration ... and delight! Truly happy that we can share these things here. All my best to you.

  7. The new year always brings thoughts of planting seeds, letting go of inhibitions and inspiration. The challenge is to think these thoughts throughout the year, isn't it. A worthy challenge, I think.

    Happy New Year. Some of your words this past year have really encouraged me to have a closer look inside and free some of my inhibitions and I sincerely thank you for that.

    xx, Carol

    1. oh my, thank you for that, Carol. It's been such a joy to keep up this correspondence with you over the years & through so many changes. Here's to Many, Many More!