Little list of lovelies...


The garden is receiving a fine soaking today.  This, of course, provides
the perfect guilt-free excuse for indoor pursuits.  
I've donned my prettiest  frock  sweat pants for you and settled myself into the comfy chair.
Shall I share a little list?...let the birdie out of the cage?

Portrait of  Elizabeth de la Vallee de la Roche
~ by Michel-Pierre Hubert Descours, 1771 ~
courtesy of  The Bowes Museum, England

Each of us has our own treasured supplies that we can't live without, those ingredients
so necessary to our craft or pursuits.  Oftentimes, we bestow on them the
very unglamorous name of "stash"
but it IS stash of the greatest importance.
And on that note, here are a few things that I currently can't live without and would
love to share with you... 

[UPDATE 2015: Karen from Stitching Life wandered off to achieve her PhD
& her blog / store are no more ... we wish her all the best!]

Would a mountain of them be enough?...in all honesty, I have added a large cupboard to my corner
upstairs to hold the masses that are accumulating.  Now tell me,
have you gleaned some of the lovelies on offer from Karen, at the Stitching Life Big Cartel?
She has the most delicate sensibility when it comes to fabric,
choosing dye colors & textures with great care.  This is a collection of
cotton & linen on offer at the moment...
perfect for my weather, called 'storm'...

photos courtesy of Stitching Life

I have a great number of Karen's silks...they are so beautiful.  Recently, she has started to offer
"scraps packs" containing 25 to 30 different types of 100% silk, both commercially dyed and hand dyed, your choice...bits and pieces from new silk, but also (my favorite) from recycled silk clothing.
These have proved invaluable for boro work and free piecing.

I can't depart the Stitching Life shop without mentioning the threads....but you must be quick
as these are flying fast.  A little birdie told me that Karen is barely able to keep up 
with the stock requests for these and her dye pots will receive no rest...
go peek...you'll see why.

Carry on with the pleasure and pay a visit to Karen's blog where she describes all these goings-on
with her newly updated shop and also, shares her own stitched-to-perfection creations...

#2.  BEADS
My addiction has been well documented
so there's no need to delve into the *whys* of THAT subject.
But to find a reliable, generously stocked supplier with an unbeatable penchant for
topnotch customer service, now that is a topic I haven't mentioned before.
So who is my Number One go-to for all my beady needs?
Cubes, triangles, rounds, Delicas, hexes and cuts, bugles, drops and magatamas,
tilas, peanuts & pearls, shells, wood, gemstones and mixes.
And that's just for starters... 

Seldom do I make it down to Seattle to shop in person but instead, have enjoyed
great shopping experiences through their online store...very easy to navigate, the colors represented
in their photos are true (it is rare to receive what I didn't expect) and the shipping is free.  
As one of their loyal customers for about seven years, I can respectfully submit there's no end in sight...

Do be careful if you explore their  Inspiration Projects  page...
you'll find free downloadable instructions for all kinds of
 fanciful pretties to clamor for your attention.

#3.  BOOKS
I must share my most favorite book stash!
This past weekend I joined a small, merry band of textile lovers for a get together over dye pots.  We've been practicing shibori stitching techniques & this was the next step.
A couple of homemade brews of natural color sloshed around in the back of my jeep and with India Flint's two (very important) tomes tucked into my carrying basket,
off I went to share what little I knew about eco-printing with anyone who was interested.

I don't know the last time I have been so smitten with "how-to" books...oh,
but they are so much more than that.

Eco Colour: Botanical Dyes for Beautiful Textiles
Second Skin: Choosing and Caring for Textiles and Clothing

Full of the flavor and fine humor of their maker, these books can
easily become bibles for any of us wishing to make our own special marks on cloth
in a safe and sustainable way.  The passion in India's life work is infectious
and the lure of her botanical alchemy is strong....

the tools are simple...

the results, stunning.

Reviewers have spoken about these books far better than I...visit here, India's website, to read more.
Should you wish to fill your mind and eyes with even more "ruminations, murmurings and scribblings" from the alchemist herself, her online journal, Prophet of Bloom is one click away...


  1. i sometimes wonder how much my stash actually weighs. i've been sorting books and magazines for two weeks and giving them away...to friends and to the quilt guild to raise money at the quilt show. i am trying not to buy any more but i know i'll get weak one day and give in. you've got lots of company in stashdom.

    1. Stashdom loves company, Deanna...best wishes with the sorting and giveaways...the only goodbyes
      I can bear at the moment are for "trades" (isn't that silly?!).

    2. p.s. I think you have started a trend with your new *stashdom* word!

  2. I'm very honoured to be in your list of lovelies, C - thank you indeed xx

    1. Thank YOU, for providing all of us the opportunity to add such pretties to our stashdom!

  3. I was quite taken with the picture you have posted. Its delicately beautiful colors compliment your blog background so well. I often wish that I was attracted to these delicates in my personal life. Looking at my stash, I see only bold and brights.

    Stashdom...good word.

    This was a good post. Thanks for sharing links to your fav places for acquiring treasures.
    xx, Carol

    1. Not a thing wrong with bolds n' brights, Carol! But I know what you mean...I adore all kinds of textile thingies
      on their own, like lace, crocheted doilies, silk ruffles, but do not employ them in my personal life ;>]

  4. Love seeing some of your 'stash' -- there is something so exciting to have beauties all around, just waiting our needle and thread. I'm starting to build up my fabric stash and I believe a trip to Karen's 'store' is in order.

    1. oh HOORAY, happy shopping to you, Penny...I can 100% guarantee you will not be disappointed!

  5. Ooooooh, those books! *covets* We are preparing an overseas moves, so buying books to lug around is probably not the best thing to be doing. I don't know that I'll be able to resist, though...


    1. Greetings, Miquela, I'm sure you shall be able to find India's books wherever you land. Don't resist!
      All the best to you in your move....that's a big one.

  6. I particularly like your home attire...so genteel. Can you imagine dressing up like that on a daily basis..yurk! Looks like you have some very fine stash. Enjoy!!

    1. ...and can you imagine pulling in those ribbons (stays?) every morning...blech.
      Still, I can't help wondering what it might be like to spend ones days adrift in so much lace!
      I can barely keep my t-shirts clean ;>}

  7. Wonderful pictures and what a beautiful blog you have. So much inspiration.
    Linneas Atelje Photography

    1. I am so happy you came by for a visit ~ your blog is one of my favorite destinations at the moment...
      Thanks for the kind words.

  8. Thanks for sharing this great list!

  9. Agreed re: your list being beautifully photographed. Best wishes.

  10. This post goes on my bookmark list right now!!!! Gotta keep those source references handy, y'know. Thanks!

    Oh yes, not to forget.... lovely picture of Elizabeth.... but how would you like to sit up straight like that with a tighter-than-tight band around your torso, and still have the spirit to stitch?

  11. How did I miss this the first time round? Thank you for the kind words. They warms the heart.

    1. Me dear, you may have missed it because you had wandered somewhere to teach, or exhibit, or to care for loved ones - dunno how you manage to stay on top of as much as you do! No need for thanks but you are most welcome nonetheless, is my pleasure.