Let sleeping dogs...



Little dawg had herself a day.

I've just joined an irrestible get-together.  The timing could not be more perfect...
intrigued?  You can come along, too - it's happening all month long.

It's a   q.u.i.e.t.  get together for those who love to make images,
a photo challenge of the very best kind
and it's especially appealing considering the time of year.
Read the whole explanation:

~  December Views  ~

So, just to say, something different is going to happen along the Path for the rest of the month
 and I've no idea where it might lead...more photos definitely, maybe one a day
if I can keep my mojo in gear.
 Or maybe only photos
...oh, wouldn't it be nice to not feel the need to write?
At this gathering
"...there are no rules...the intention is to allow yourself to enjoy the quiet, to allow a month
of no stress creativity and to share a bit of your world with others
in a completely different way than you usually do.
Exciting and relaxing."

Sounds pretty darn good to me.

Many thanks to hippy urban girl [hug] for being a gracious hostess
and sharing some light.


  1. A perfect month to promote quiet and no words and no pressures. Enjoy!

  2. Your beautiful photographs are words enough.

  3. What a lovely idea! I'll be looking forward to some perfectly quiet afternoons visiting your photographs.