The light...oh, the light!


Light is at a premium in December...
we all begin starving for it,
run out into it whenever it makes an appearance.
And because the sun stays so low in the sky, never even reaching the tops of the trees
at this latitude,
illumination happens - details appear - that can't be seen at any other time.

Seed heads show off their fancy petticoats.
Gotta love a plant that flowers non-stop for six months
and does THIS for the other six!
She's Clematis tangutica 'Golden Tiara'...and I adore her...
she was planted to cover a pergola & she's making quite the valiant effort.

After de-leafing themselves, the trees reveal some hidden plumage of their own...

so much lichen...I'm not sure how some of the trees continue to hold their arms up!

I grew some lichen in my window.

Not really.
I am finally learning to knit and this is a new project...lacy scarf...more like pea soup in color
than "lichen" but it has a similar wispy quality when held up to the light like this.
You knitters, don't look too close - it's ridden with  big mistakes  beginner's errors.  
The best way to learn anything, I suppose...
keep on going.

It's been a long year of learning about stitches, of all sorts.
Stitching together and stitching apart.

Remember early in the year when we were all choosing our
Word For The Year?
I chose FOCUS.
I'm not sure why.  It seemed important at the time.  Sometimes you just have to stick with a thing.

I hadn't thought about that word for a long time until I took these photos yesterday...
made me ponder...
started me thinking that if I haven't gained more focus, at the very least
I know that I've paid more attention.
And that's just fine.

I hope you're enjoying the light, too, wherever you are...


  1. i always love images like your first one...the miracle of light. and your knitting looks great. i'm a knitter but haven't done much lacy knitting...want to try that someday. i make lace with bobbins. my word for the past 2 years was 'engage' and i have been.

  2. The knitting looks pretty good to me. In fact it took me a while to realise it was knitting and not actually a very beautiful lichen. I love the colour and quality of the light in winter - my favourite season, I think. Thank you for these beautiful images.

  3. your lichen lace is beautiful, i can't see any errors they are all lacey holes to me. i love to knit lace, it requires a high degree of focus, removes all the outside troubles.

  4. Thank you for the bath in the light for its gray for a few days around here...

    First of all, knitting lace as one of your first projects is gutsy and I like that about you. It looks great.

    The composition and flow of this post is beautiful...I especially love the clematis and the lichen...ooh the lichen....

  5. your word focus....it's all in these pictures
    nature in what you make


  6. so you are focusing on focus.

  7. Wonderful pictures. You have the knack of truly seeing what many of us would pass right by. Guess that's where the focus comes in and you do it beautifully.

  8. heavenly photos i must say!
    What a reverie.... inspiring!

  9. It is such a wonderful feeling when you have beautiful light to shoot in!
    Hey and the knitting looks pretty good too, very talented.......couldn't knit to save myself!
    Carla x
    Thanks for the comment is lovely to hear from fellow bloggers x

  10. K @ stitchinglife ~ I was just saying to someone how lacy knitting is wonderful because it covers up a multitude of sins ;>} but many thanks for the kind words all the same!

    Jude ~ yes...sometimes it's only a matter of the slightest bit of tweaking.