My blog seems to be getting quite heavy with photography posts of late, but I hope you'll hang in there for yet another one.  I've just finished week one of an online workshop, Digital Layers taught by Susan Tuttle, and I'm excited to share what I'm learning.

This photo was from the project called, 'Combining Multiple Photographs' and was the most difficult for me, by far.  The goal was to layer three textures on top of our subject photo and I kept choosing the wrong textures.  It takes awhile of playing around to find just the ones that seem to fit.  Did you know (because I didn't) there is a whole world of free, downloadable "textures" out there?  Yes, free.  What generous souls, they who must spend hours putting these things out there for our use!  

All three textures I used came from ShadowHouse Creations, hosted by Jerry Jones, also known on Flickr as skeletalmess.  If you like to play around with Photoshop, Jerry has some amazing images on offer.  For this piece I used an image of rusty lace, an ethereal atmospheric shot and a sky with birds flying.  

Adding each layer reminded me so much of weaving, like weaving with light, because as you play with the various blending modes, areas of your image fade in and out of each other, providing many surprises until your tapestry is complete...

And now, time to rest.  Wishing everyone a relaxing, holiday weekend and I hope to see you here again soon.


  1. i had no idea about the free textures, thanks for that. and i like what you did with the photo, very olde worlde lace mossie netting...k. :)

  2. ooh that looks like fun. photoshop can be a splendid adventure..

  3. christie, that's a really neat photo! you did an excellent job with it. the textures make it so much more rich and add so much depth. i've really enjoyed just sitting here and looking at it. very nicely done!

  4. been watching your lovely blog for a little bit now and just found out you are around the puget sound area! Me too!
    I am always interested in getting to know others with some of the same interests.
    I am new in bothell and do the gardening crazyquilting thing and then dabble in the other stuff, when the fancy takes me.
    I love your use of bold colors (it's what drew me into your blog) and the dreamy quality of some of your pieces.
    just lovely!
    orange is my favorite and I try to use it in everything!)
    oh!BTW the pictures are lovely! i especially like the ferry nose photo, that is my favorite place to park when I get to take one,ferry that is.

  5. Beautiful work, Christi - very atmospheric. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Personally, I think your posts should reflect you and your life. Secondly, I love those posts because they make you an authentic, living, breathing learning human being.

    I think it's great for you to capture moments along your photography journey. And sharing them with the rest of us is just the cherry on the sundae. O happy day, Susan

  7. I love the mood you've caught here and seeing your photos. I enjoy doing digital photo collages - so far mostly just in Picassa, though, and I've got Susan Tuttle's book to explore PS Elements. I see we are in Jude's upcoming class together - great!

  8. Thank you so much, everyone. Your comments mean the world to me and I am just so pleased that you enjoy your visits here!

    Momma Bear ~ so glad you left a note, neighbor!

    Yvonne ~ YES, great! And glad you got Susan's book...what a wealth of info & inspiration it tis...

  9. When we talked about this project on the phone, I had no idea how fabulous your results would be. OMG, this is so much more than the photo alone... so painterly... so compelling... The original bed photo is obviously quite good... interesting lighting, peaceful subject... The layers make it dynamic without ditching the peacefulness of it. WOW!!!! I loved going to the links and finding the texture you used. WOW!!! I WANT to take that class!!!!

    BTW, I also really love your serendipitous moment ferry photo!!!

  10. Your image is lovely, and v. nostalgic. I have used the site Textures for Layers on Flickr, and also many free tutorials which are offered.