Capturing the moment...


Where I live, we must take a ferry to travel back & forth to the mainland, the primary  transport across our watery highway, Puget Sound.  The ride is about forty minutes long - a good chunk of time for reading, doing a bit of stitching & beadwork, daydreaming, quality petting time for dawg, snoozing...you get the idea.

Every now & then, I feel like I strike it rich.  The ferry worker directs my jeep straight down the middle aisle to the very front of the boat.  Front & center, I call it.  On this particular evening, I was lucky indeed.  A rain storm was moving out and *god beams* started to appear.  Briefly, ever so briefly.

Not having my camera with me, I grabbed for my phone (ahh, technology). I'd recently uploaded an app called Hipstamatic which provides vintage film effects like the plastic cameras of days gone by.  I remember running around as a kid with my plastic wonder, shooting this, that and the everything - now that was pure joy!   

Here is a joyful moment, a good many years later...


  1. Beautiful.. watercolor like affect!

  2. that's so beautiful, i love looking at the water, more pics please. i think i'll come up there and live with you for a time.
    btw - when you start the next class with jude make sure you don't have anything else on the go as they are very busy...k.

  3. What a lovely moody photo! Like a painting.

  4. don't you love the batfone? i just acquired 'camerabag' on it as well and also a 7mp camera as well
    means i don't necessarily need to lug the big monster around any more
    just like having a box brownie in your pocket

    this is a beautiful image
    island life is becoming more and more alluring....

  5. Love that image - am just about to get that app ready for holidays next week.

  6. Lovely to receive all your comments, thanks to all...

    Valerianna ~ (such a pretty name!) I hadn't thought of the "watercolor" aspect, but yes, I see it now.

    Kaite ~ start swimming - swim fast - would love to have you visit :>]] Thanks for the tip on Jude's class...I figured as much from the amount of posts/work being done by those of you in the current class...whew.

    Jan ~ oh yes, moody, it was all up to that Hipstamatic app. Thank you :>]]

    iNdi@ ~ batfones ROCK!!! must go check out 'camerabag'...so much fun to pull out these spontaneous *tools*...

    Clare ~ oooh, you will have so much fun with it, I'm sure. Hope you will post some pikies on your blog! Have wonderful holidays!