Bead woven treasures...


I was delighted yesterday when I saw the subject line, A Treasure Bracelet, over on Kaite's blog.  I knew just what her post was going to be about and I couldn't wait to read it...  

Kaite, who is way over the Big Puddle from me in Australia, found her inspiration for making one (or two) of these bracelets from Robin Atkin's book, Beaded Treasures - Finger Woven Bracelets, Necklaces, Tassels and Straps.  Since I also learned this technique from Robin, I wrote to Kaite right away and offered to blog about my own experience.  I just lovelovelove the power of beads to create international communication and sharing!
I too, had some difficulty with my first bracelet (above) but I think that's to be expected when it's the *first*. It feels to me like there are not enough beads and the ones I did use, are too widely spaced. I also wove them with the stacks & loops too high so they all stick out too far.  I've since learned a fairly easy fix for these issues (by using a tapestry-like needle and weaving in more beads) but I haven't done that yet.  A mixed blessing, since this actually provides a good comparison photo when I put it next to the second bracelet which I like much better.

For those of you who like to see the backside of things as much as I do, this one's for you:
These bracelets DO feel wonderful on the wrist.  You can pack them full of all kinds of beads & trinkets that hold special meaning or memories.  Or just play like crazy.  Robin has even done all buttons, oh my!
 They don't take long to make once you get going...really.

Have you made a woven treasure bracelet? If so, it would be great to hear about your experience. Until next time, friends, share with each other. 

p.s. Kaite, this has been fun!


  1. Thankyou so much Christi, your 2nd one is a delight, and where i'm hoping to head for. The first one is lovely too, but i can see where i have made 'mistakes' in mine, such as making my stacks too high and too varied and spaces too long. Thankyou also for showing the backsides, they are most interesting to me. big hug, Kaite

  2. I came to your bracelet party and had such a nice time here today. I know you and Kaite both prefer the tighter bracelet with the short stacks...I happen to favor the purple one with the charms that extends beyond what is normal and expected. Like something extra fabulous that goes beyond and tempts your eye into the rest. They are brave to stand out like that.

    Maybe, it's the exposed "neck" of those longer bits that bother you? Maybe you could give them a shorter stack on top to cover their sticking their necks out? I think you may have invented a wider bracelet, in the end. And...I happen to like that.

    xo Susan

    P.S. Nice underwear!

  3. Your lovely green bracelet brings seaweed to my mind - and the spiral shell beads really add to that effect. Nice!

  4. nice -- the green one really makes my heart sing:)

  5. Hi I've come to visit through Kaite. I like both your braclets and the idea of one with buttons sounds like fun.
    Inspiring post Thanx

  6. I came here via Yvonne and saw your names at a couple of my favorite webbies before so now was the time to look and I'm stunned.
    What a nice blog!
    And you like me have the dog element too!


  7. Thanks for visiting my blog!
    Wow these bracelets are gorgeous, beautiful colours. I love your blog, and i have a dog too.

  8. Love the purple and gold! they are both beautiful!

  9. Oh goodness me, look what I stumbled upon this evening.... How wonderful to see your work, and Kaite's too. Yay!!!! Thanks for showing the back... where it's obvious that your weaving is very nice and even. Both bracelets are quite charming (did I really use that word?) and wearable. The variety of beads and colors are delicious! Can't go wrong with this technique in my opinion.

    Beady hugs, Robin A.