Muse at sunrise...


Every now and then, my muse goes missing.   Then, for no apparent reason, one morning I will wake up and there she is again. Where does she go?  Why am I so listless when she's away?  How is it that I can know instantly when she is back?   Because suddenly my day will have more color and my step takes on a different cadence.  Pestering thoughts get pushed to the background and I find that I am only looking forward...

The Muse at Sunrise, 1918
Alphonse Osbert  


  1. Muses live in different time zones to us, that's all, and it's so nice to meet them when life coincides

  2. I don't think my muse ever leaves. She sometimes takes a nap to recharge and awake with new and exciting ideas.

    Sometimes she takes my thoughts in a different direction...away from beads to fiber...or creative reorganization...but she never leaves.

    Perhaps yours doesn't leave either. Perhaps she is just quiet to give YOU some time to recharge.

  3. Hey, Christi, I've aleady had such a good response, I felt confident enough to go ahead and set up the new blog and photo prompt! First one due Tuesday, Feb. 16 to give everyone enough time to find the new blog and sign the Mr. Linky. Fun!


  4. I've learned to let her be. After all, no amount of whinging from me seems to effect her in the least. She follows her own schedule.

  5. I so understand where you are coming from here. Happens to me too, fickle muse :)

  6. It is merely the plight of creative people. You put it very simply here.

  7. What a gorgeous piece of art. Must go explore this artist. :-)