The cure for f.r.o.z.e.n. paws...


Dry, cold weather is upon us but there's no stopping Isla when she's decked out in her winter coat.  This look she's giving me says something like, "Try and catch me if you can!"  Ahhh, nothing like a dawg with the happiness zoomies to warm your heart...


  1. Our cats look almost like little bears they have so much thick fur this year...makes me wonder what january is going to be like!
    But at least our critters like it!

  2. her winter coat would be perfect here in my land of cold, snow and ice.....
    oh would she ever have a great time !!

    to answer your text question....
    if you have never used text before, your best bet is to start with fotoflexer...they have a text program along with some other fun stuff and I think you'll be happy there and not frustrated....

  3. it's great when the ground is a little frozen because then they don't tear up the grass quite so much...

  4. beadbabe ~ I do think it's our critters that keep us sane sometimes, in every weather :>]]

    Beth ~ thanks so much for stopping by & dropping the text info! I'm going to hop over there & see what I can conjure...

    Riley ~ you little devil-dog you...where's the squirrels, dude???! Happy for your visit! We LUV yer blog!!

  5. hi christi....
    thanks for loving on the newest banner !
    and yes, I am doing freelance banners for $25.00 using your photos and words :)

  6. i find it nothing short of amazing that Riley T. Coyote--MY OWN DOG--posted a comment here a month ago and i'm only now finding out.

    thanks for visiting my blog!

  7. Laurie, that's too funny! Seems we BOTH have hounds with their own minds but it sure keeps life fun, doesn't it?!