Bead Journal Project ~ November fog


Just a tiny bit of backtracking...  

I am working on the completion of my Bead Journal Project for 2007-08. Yes, you read that correctly...07-08. I am a tad behind, shall we say? Those of you like me, who still haven't finished, you are not alone - let us stand proudly together as the official "behinders"!

About a year ago, before I took the big gulp and jumped into this blog pond, my beady mentor (and now good friend) Robin Atkins wrote about my BJP theme, photographed the pages that were complete at the time and then posted the whole lot over on her blog, Beadlust.  She is ALWAYS doing this for people who don't have a web presence - how special is that?!  If you'd like to read her post, click here for 'A Sense of Place'.

Recently I was reviewing what needed to be done to finish this taking-so-long project.  Not too much more to go, I can happily say!  But I realized that I needed to post an updated photo of my completed page for November since that page was still "in progress" at the time of Robin's post .  So here it is:

One of my goals for this 12-page project (a page a month for a year) has been that each page has to contain a new bead embroidery technique - something new to me that I've never done before.  For November 'Fog' that technique was a bezel, so I surrounded my beach stone with a delicate cage of beads to hold it in place.  There is no glue involved since the stone is initially basted down with ordinary sewing thread.  When the bezel is complete and you've reached the top row, that last row holds your object tight.  Remove the basting threads and voila.  Oh, to be so caged...!

A couple of really good books have helped me with techniques along the way: one is Robin's book, "Heart to Hands Bead Embroidery, Fresh Ideas and Techniques for Creating Art with Beads" (bezels, page 52), and the other is Larkin Jean Van Horn's book, "Beading on Fabric: Encyclopedia of Bead Stitch Techniques" (stacked cage, page 92). 

Only a slight detour to the past.  I haven't forgotten the textiles post I promised...


  1. absolutely gorgeous, christi...and I love the background fabric, it goes so beautifully with the stone and beads you've chosen!

  2. it is absolutely gorgeous! I love the colours!!! and I'm so impressed with the fact that you keep at it, even if it's late!!! :-)

  3. I am glad to see you with your own blog! I loved your pieces that Robin posted way back. The inclusion of found objects is what hooked me, especially the shell one that is your avatar.
    I'll keep checking back for new additions!

  4. Stunning! I wish I had the courage and time to take on a project like this. Maybe sometime, I think it is wonderful. Jeanne

  5. Many thanks to each of you - much appreciated. It is wonderful to have you as visitors on my fledgling blog!

  6. The colours are so beautiful! I love the beaded rock ..... and everything else about this intriguing piece.

  7. Lovely work of art it has become, with the forms of the beads, the colors, and the flow -bravo!

  8. O Christi~ I'm getting caught up on your blog posts since I haven't done much blog surfing at all recently...well, you delighted me this morning, my dear.

    I have always thought that you have a real gift for color and selecting your beads and this month does not disappoint. Each one of your pieces is very successful and conveys an emotion. I'm looking forward to the post where you show them all together...and tell us a little bit about each one?? It's wishful thinking, maybe...but it is Christmas after all...

    Merry Christmas Christi and I'm glad to be a "behinder" if it's with the likes of you.

  9. To ArtPropelled ~ Thank you! and I loved beading that rock so I'm sure there are more rocks in my future :>}

    To Jeannette ~ many thanks for those words!

    To PwN ~ Susan, I love your wishful thinking...I have it too! One day we will finish them all, yes?! Lovely to have you stop by...Best of the holidays to you & yours.

  10. Your November BJP is well worth waiting for, i just love all those natural colours and especially how you've placed the stone. It reminds me of many solitary walks i've had over cliff tops beside the ocean. I look forward very much to seeing what you do with your next set of BJPs.
    And thanyou for your wonderful comments on mine. cheerio, Kaite

  11. I agree with everything that Susan had to say!! You ahve such a fabulous color sense!!! I love the caging of the rock- beach stones are one of my favorite things and I adore how you have attached it here!! Youw rok is stunning and i think that I might also incorporate the idea of adding new stitching techniques in each of my upcoming bjp pieces, if you don't mind my borrowing your idea????
    I love your psrt of the world and I so envy you!! my uncle used to own property on Orcas Island and I would do just aobut anything to live there!!!!
    For now I will have to live vicariously thru yours and Robin's blog posts- that will help, believe me!!