September 19, 2014

this moment :: vintage buttons for a modern story

{  this moment  }
A single photo
~ no words ~
capturing a moment from the week.

A simple, special, extraordinary moment.
A moment I want to pause, savor and remember.
~ SouleMama


inspired by the Friday reflections at Amanda's

September 17, 2014

'solace' in troubled times

~ photo by India Flint ~

Passing the word about 
An Invitation
from India Flint ...

Participation is open to  anyone ... everyone
All the details on her blog: simply click the link above


September 15, 2014

Steady on

My last night in Scotland, a very diligent effort was made
to wash every trace of mud from my boots.
Never have they been so clean
as when I had to travel with them!
But it was the right thing to do and although some twinges of nostalgia
crept in for good times mucking about in that great River Tay,
better the remnants gurgle down the guest house drain
then land me in trouble with inspectors on the Other Side.

Since returning home, my head's been down so to speak.  Not too much blogging
yet slow & steady work has been afoot nonetheless.
A determination came home with me; a drive to better understand a few things,
conduct a few experiments, and to continue finishing the great pile of unfinished. 

A good deal of time has been spent
encouraging color from plants

exploring through failures and leaps of faith
without really knowing where all of this is going.
I'm putting trust in the process, following my intuition,
doing the work without knowing the outcome
because the work will take me where I need to go.

I don't need to know right now where that is.

~ inside the glasshouse, Royal Botanic Garden, Edinburgh, Scotland ~ 

Back in August, I began to post [almost] daily to my Instagram gallery ...
What started out as inspiration from Susannah Conway's daily prompts for August Break
has become a regular editing practice that's proven so valuable, I continue still.

In the beginning it was a way to post a somewhat unruly backlog from the Scottish adventures
but it's become so much more. My addiction to photo apps has found a comfortable outlet
where play, practice - and sometimes downright outrageousness - can be shared
with fellow picture makers.  I learn so much from them.
The creativity within the Instagram community as a whole
is nothing short of astounding.

Remember these?
Slow & steady work is happening within the pantry shelf jars, lots of changes over time.
Seven months and still counting ...
I'm oddly amused to not be feeling the least bit impatient
to view the results.  An indicator, surely,
of a certain kind of faith.

September 2, 2014


what there aren't words for yet

What those hummingbirds in your chest whisper when you tell
your first lie. The toothy rumble of the lions that scare
your lungs into giving up. The edges of a leap - half-murmur, half-yell -
that steer your feet away. The guffaw from the shadows tempting you to ignore
your own magnificence. The boisterous roosters pecking holes in your plans. The tire
tracks cajoling you to stay on course. How we search for a plain sentence
to fill the cracks of heartache, for language to pull us, like a ladder,
out of each dark and muddled well. We think thunder is a metaphor. Or the fence
dividing one yard from the next, its own instruction. But the story's yours, you know.
There is no better way to say it. Make the words up as you go.

~ Maya Stein

: : :

stitch, shibori, indigo, photography
Some means of expression
but only a small portion of the longer story unfolding.

Is there any better way
than to make it up as we go along?
I mean, really ... is there.

August 13, 2014

Getting the hang of it

Someday I hope to unwrap a bundled article of clothing
and have it 
look like an old paint rag.
Assembling the right combination of ingredients isn't the key ...
choosing the right fabric doesn't seem to be the key either ...
nor is how I roll it up, tie the string,
the cooking time or whether the vegetation was frozen or fresh
or how long I've let time be my friend afterwards ...
and shoot, I may have forgotten to pre-mordant.
None of these is  the  key

that's the main thing I'm learning about this natural dyeing process,
the reason why it's so critical to keep practicing, work steadily, experiment,
build a knowledge base one step on top of the other.

Luck will only get ya so far.

there's that no-small-matter of
 intuition ... 
often just a quiet fluttering off to the side,
a barely noticeable nudge
 towards a choice I wasn't going to make.
Am I listening hard enough?

I will concede that
some paint rags are prettier than others
I've got miles to go before
purple blobs are gonna be skillfully arranged into a
worthy item of clothing ...
at least
that's how it feels today.
But I am a bit cranky.

Maybe I should just blame it on the Super Moon ...

I feel a bit like that button !

Tis one good thing tho:
thrift store stuff is cheap
and fairly plentiful.

TWO good things ...

nothing in the world like having the fine company of Her Fluffiness 
when I'm a tad grumpy ... 

August 8, 2014

Windfall for the dyepot

Foraged a bit in the garden this morning.  It's been a fine stretch of summer
weather - plants are filled to bursting with blooms.
Found these spent petals, a cache from the 'black' hollyhocks ...
known around my place as
* promises waiting to happen *
Powerful mark-makers are these little sputniks !
Am still as head-over-heels as ever
and can't wait to give them a try on paper ...

: : :

Photo mumbo-jumbo:
shot with iPhone
fine tuning & adjustments in Snapseed app
blur, focal point & vignette added with Jazz app
final adjust & copyright added with PicMonkey

Joining with the gang over at Kim's place for Friday Finds ...
lots of great stuff to be seen over there, go peek.