Life is not lived in a straight line


"There isn't one right path for you or anyone else.
And there isn't a set of timelines of milestones ...
You're allowed to backtrack.
You're allowed to figure out what inspires you
at different stages of your life.
You're allowed extra time when you need it.
Life is meant to be a series of zigs and zags.
It should look like a mess, but a beautiful mess.
It shows that you have changed and grown.
You've had your ups and downs.
You went down one path, but decided to change course ...
perhaps on many occasions.
That's how life should be."

~ Angel Chernoff ~

First, I'd like to start by saying  Thanks  to each of the kind folks who've written
wondering where I'd wandered off to and why.
A disappearance wasn't planned, but it began and then it felt totally natural
and right to follow and to somehow trust that'd I'd know where I was meant to go
once I got there,
which wasn't to be here it seemed, blogging.
Except now it  is.

Have I confused you completely already?

To backtrack: I resorted to a few fairly strict measures to bring my body back to
some semblance of rightness, and again, I felt inclined to keep my concentration there
and not out here telling everyone about it.
Which is not my way anyway.
So while that was on the slow road to sorting itself out
I unexpectedly found myself on a new threshold
- literally -
when a space I'd put my name on a waiting list for suddenly became available.
This was a dream come true.
A small space for a textile / beading / photography studio ... at last.
Room to stretch my wings, dive into multiple projects at a time, close the door
on big beautiful messes  without having to clean up first  and then 
return the next day to pick right up where I'd left off.
And one of the best bits is that I can bring my dear doggy.

That's her new sleeping spot over there on the left wall
although I think she prefers the little rug by the door actually.

That quote up top from Angel popped into my email this morning and
as I read it, I knew today was the day to say a little something here.
I'll keep it short for the moment
[in truth, I am feeling somewhat rusty at this]
but I have quite a few tales to catch up on,
many pictures to share,
and I'm greatly looking forward to being out here with you all again.


  1. The sanctuary is looking very fine.

    1. Thank you. Is a room filled with very good company ;>)
      And I am so grateful to be there.

  2. Congratulations, Christi, what an inspiring new pathway!

  3. congratulation Christi with your working room , looks fine and i think you will have a lot of great time there , you are lucky

    1. It's been a very long road to get here, Bodil, and I am truly thankful.

  4. Having a space purely for creating and thinking is a wonderful thing. I have one of my own and am grateful for the joy of it.

    1. I have visited, participated in classes, played in many studios of friends & acquaintances over the years and have always wondered if they knew what a blessing it was to be able to s.p.r.e.a.d o.u.t. ... fairly certain they did. For me, I feel a bit like my brain has been unleashed!!

  5. Oh Good. I have missed you here. I always scroll to the bottom to see your beautiful friend too. Though I follow you on FB and read and see you there sometimes, I seldom visit anymore. I really DO hate that place.

    This is an excellent poem meant for pondering. Interests change when you grow and learn. Ideals change as well and what you believed in years ago change as you grow older and more experienced.

    The Universe has answered you. You will create the most marvelous art. But I am compelled to ask why your desk is against the wall and not centered...I am so weird.

    Happy Day
    xx, Carol

    1. Carol dear, So you are wondering about that desk on the far end, under the window? Well, it's been moved around the room a bit already (to test workability) and the reason for its current setting is because the space is LONG and half as wide ... so 20'L x 10' wide. The desk is almost 5'L so if I centered it under the window, not only could I not reach up to open & close it, I wouldn't be able to open the doors to the cloth cupboard on the right wall (you can barely see it in the photo - has some baskets on top).

      My ultimate goal was to create "workstations" for different tasks so I wouldn't have to tidy up when I have different projects going. That desk is for the sewing machine. The tall worktable on the right (on top of the cubbies) is for beadwork & assembling. It can be easily pulled away from the wall towards the center of the room (to walked around) if I ever want to hold a small workshop in there.

      Make sense now?? hee hee

  6. This poem reminds me of the way I'm weaving my life. Such a lovely room to contemplate and create! Looking forward to seeing what comes next....

    1. Poetic words that arrived precisely at the right moment ... and I'd say your 'weaving' is in very fine shape indeed.

  7. I love your new space! That poem is perfect as well, and I hope you won't mind me sharing it on my blog today, with a nod to yours. Wishing you a truly marvelous year, with health, happiness, and lots of beautiful art. xo

    1. Thank you, Connie, and yes of course you can share it.
      And I am wishing the same right back to you .............

  8. I'm personally hoping for a few less zigs and zags for this year my friend.. and maybe a few less curve balls! But all in all, yes, it is a wonderful life!

    1. I'm hoping those things for you & your family, too, CK!!

  9. Always on parallel paths my friend. I went down this very one this fall ... even visiting spaces. And then a nor'easter blew through and wiped the slate clean. I find myself on a completely different track, now. But I can't wait to see how it might have looked. Through your magnificent eyes.

    1. That is TRUE, isn't it, about our paths ... we are lucky and I am so fortunate to have your company!

  10. What a beautiful space. I wish I could cuddle up with your doggy and watch you work for a day or so. Wishing you many many hours of creativity in your new space. xxx

    1. How kind, Britta, thank you. And I would so love to come to yours & cuddle with your doggies, in between wandering around with our cameras ;>))

  11. What lovely words! Your new 'space' is quite lovely. If I were there I would want to poke around for hours *smile*. You're on a beautiful path.