Seeing thru paper


When the Lopez Island natural dyers gathered for this season's planning meeting
[ however wine-laden or deliciously food-laden the "meeting" may have been ]
there was a unanimous & resounding desire to next delve into experimentation
with paper.

We meet tomorrow for what we are calling
our 'Paper Dyeing Extravaganza'

I've got loads of prepping to do but as I sat at the computer this morning
looking over my past - and very few - experiences with this material,
I came across a bunch of Diana Photo app composites I'd made a while back.
They provided a bit of inspiration.

Admittedly, I feel awkward & hesitant with paper ...
while cloth feels familiar & welcoming, with paper I'm standoff-ish.
I love its qualities but I don't know or  understand  its workings yet.

Well, we all know the only way to get over that.


Then keep swimming 
& let nature work her very particular magic.


  1. ... while for me paper is the familiar and cloth is a strange beastie ----- I'm lovin' your piccies sweety pea!

    1. Heh thanx ronnie gal ~ funny to think of our flip sides and right now I'm trying to tame your wild beastie ;>]

  2. Beautiful, beautiful post - as always. Your love of the medium is always so inspiring. Instead of using the cloth/paper as most of us would - you stretch it into new and exciting forms, designs, techniques. I believe your beautiful mind could make a camping trip in the backyard seem like a tour of Paris! Love you!

    1. PARIS?! Well Penny me dear I'm not as sure as you, but am certainly entertained by the concept of that kind of fanciful camping hee hee. An eclair for everyone!! And vin!

  3. Everything you do with plant dyes, whether on paper or fabric, is so beautiful! xo

    1. Thanks for the kind words, Connie. I'd echo that sentiment in regard to your collage works .....