Moon watching


What a moon we've had developing the past few days ...
clear, star-filled nights make for contemplative viewing;
being out late with the dogs, a delight for stargazers like me.
A few days back, while it was waxing,
I posted this image on Instagram

"what night feels like towards the end of winter when spring is on the cusp
but wearing her icy mantle ..."

because although nights still call for two layers of warmth,
daytimes are for shirtsleeves and wide-brimmed hats already.
The full moon last night was glorious and I was extremely grateful for a kind winter
with very few dark days ... both in the weather, and in my mind.

I'd like to share today's "mindfulness poetry" originally posted on A Year of Being Here,
for the record - my record.  My winter of eleven winters here ... the first without seasonal angst.
Because it just might have something to do with acceptance.

: : :
Dear Ezra

I have to confess:
there are abstractions
I no longer go in fear of.

Take loneliness.
I've started calling it solitude.
It feels so new and improved now,
I can honestly say it soaks up time
better than a sponge soaks up water.

The other day I actually washed this poem with it.

Ez, let me tell you,
aging is a Laundromat,
and eventually you find yourself
watching what you spurned
and dreaded for years
spread out in widening gyres,
like sheets fluffed in the dryer.

Life is quite a bit cozier
when you let all the bugaboos-
you know- say, sadness and fear
crawl into bed with you.

Pace them with your breathing
and they fall asleep
fast as a couple of kids.

The other night we huddled together
staring at the moon
as it slid past my window:
big-bellied sail on a wet black sea.


  1. what a lovely picture --i am greatfull too that winter has pasted and long days are here again with sun , rain dry, flowers everything growing !!!!

    1. Thank you, Bodil. Yes, flowers here, too, especially the early flowering trees ... all in full bloom already. The dogs & I are spending a lot of time outside. Unfortunately, the east coast is still getting slammed with old man winter - too, too much snow for those folks.

  2. I love this moon ... but my eyes could not discern how it came to be. Would love to know, unless you prefer that it remain a mystery.

    1. I would love to share with you, Liz, so glad you asked. The image is mainly from my imagination, heavily edited & played with using photo apps. I think if you search on this blog for the word "marblecam" some other posts will show up & you can see how the circle originated. The original photo I started with one taken on the water, from the ferry, of some nearby islands. Marblecam then flips it upside down, as if viewing thru a globe. Two other apps gave me the night effect & the scratches. Gosh, hope all that makes some sense ... haven't had my coffee yes this morning ;>/

    2. It absolutely makes sense ... love the poem, too

  3. Our full moon was further impacted by the snow reflections creating shadows ... the barn loomed large. Wanted to go for a midnight hike alas the Ick kept me inside. Perhaps in April ... (LOVE that photo!! ) xo