Jade Dog's spring bead challenge


Whatever came over me, I'm not quite sure ...
participate in a bead challenge at the start of spring when the
tasks outside are too numerous to list?
oy vey.
I must be crazy.

It's just that when I saw this bead kit, I couldn't help myself
... such an organic feel, earthy tones, seed pods,
with a beautiful balance of textures that set my mind
right down a new path of inspiration.
I couldn't say no to that - that doesn't happen all that often -
is inspiration worth listening to.

Besides, I was already a big fan of Jade Dog Beads.
Cool stuff from a real swell gal.

~ 2015 Spring Bead Challenge, Kit #5 ~

Each kit has basically the same ingredients with only slight variations in color and
detailing marks on the large cab [at bottom].
The ingredients:
wood disc bead
vintage aluminum ring blank
polymer cab (50mm x 34mm)
radraksha beads
sea urchin spikes
strand of pellet beads
bag of size 8 transparent picasso finish glass seed beads

I think I should elaborate ... I won't be making jewelry.
[That ring is soon to become  not  a ring]
There may be cloth involved ... there may be embroidery.
Because there are no limitations on what we can create, ANYTHING beaded is fair game.
The only rules: we must use ALL the beads in the kit
and we must be finished by April 20th.
But we can add whatever we want to the kit stash
and  anything beaded  goes, including 3-D.
oh boy.

There are a few kits left ... anyone want to join in the challenge with me?
You can view them over on Etsy
and also find The Jade Dog on Facebook ... more info over there, too.
Darcy [the owner] is super speedy with answers if you have questions.

: : :

for those not swept up with bead madness
- or maybe even if you are -
I offer you this video rush
Isle of Skye


  1. Oh what a yummy collection!! I especially love the fabric you've place them on, perhaps that will be part of your piece. That video was AMAZING. I have a grandson who loves his dirt bike but I'm not sure whether I should send this on to him - wouldn't want him to think he could do this *smile*

    1. oh Penny, you will laugh - that is not fabric but is the tissue paper that Darcy wrapped the kit in! Yummy merlot color which is what hooked me. And yes, can understand your hesitation with sharing the wheelies ;>]]

  2. This is a great collection to work with. Very earthy. Corey was a dirt biker as a teen. I was always amazed at how much control he had over two wheels.
    xx, Carol

    1. I know, it's like that bike is his 5th appendage ... they are ONE. Have watched this many times, never tire of it, so inspirational. Makes me wish I'd taken up mountain biking at some point [pretty sure it ain't gonna happen these days].

      Wish you and Penny would bead with me!

  3. a gorgeous selection to work with. i'm full up with projects, as usual, or i might be tempted. can't wait to see your progress.

    1. Wish I could nudge you, deanna...
      all me old beading pals seem to be on other paths,
      shall have to tow the line alone but hope to finish with gusto!

  4. This is a wild assortment of beads! I will be watching for the reveal!!

    1. Thank you, BSD, crossing fingers to harness some of that wildness ;>]

  5. I'm not surprised you were tempted - they're gorgeous and I can't wait to see what you make!

    1. Oh my, was I tempted and I only hope to do them justice. Having a fine time at the moment playing with all the possibilities. I'm expecting to soon just pick up one bead and "GO"