just some serendipity this morn between
tree photos from the editing lightbox
and penetrating verse found in the inbox ...

chess anyone?

I'm imagining someone bent over a fresh board, poised for footsteps.  Despite
an early winter draft snaking upstairs, despite the almost-dinner hour and the too-small
likelihood of a passerby plucky enough to take the plunge, they are listening and patient,
ready for any stranger who might sit down. Such sturdy optimism. The invitation of it all.

I wonder if, at the heart of it, we forget to say exactly what we're looking for, anxious
that the details will cloister and confine, keep us from the thing we want.  The sign I read, 
narrowed as it was, stood beside an open door, and no matter what was next, there was,
at least, the certain knowledge it would include the pieces for a game to be played.

What little flag could I hold out?  What batch of words would say it best?
What would I ask if asking were the only branch I'd need to build my nest?

~ Maya Stein

: : :

"10-Line Tuesday" poetry
by Maya Stein ... a backlog can be viewed   here


  1. lovely photo and editing and lovely words.

    1. gone a bit painterly on the edits of late ... new territory to explore so thank you.
      Maya has a way with it; sometimes I read reread reread and find things new each time.

  2. wonderful photo and thank you for sharing the poet!

    1. Well worth exploring some more if you like her, Susan. Has a way of getting
      to the heart of things, I think.

  3. Beautiful words!! This picture looks much like our bare forest looks these days. Thank you.

  4. Lovely thoughts. and a dream-like forest. :o)

  5. this poem is somehow a real tonic to me this morning...