Kicking back


Been laying low ...
one moment at a time as they say while
my wonky tooth figured out what was gonna happen next.

I suppose one advantage to having a root canal during tulip season
is that driving to and fro across the Skagit valley
is nothing short of   splendid
and although I'm allergic to a large number of antibiotics
at least I am not allergic to Novocaine.
A  not-so-small blessing
that has kept me sane.

I stitched on the wishing cloth awhile
because there was calm in that

and admired the sea reflections having dance time in the belly of the boat.

But mainly I swooned over spring,
the miles of GLORIOUS color,
and although I won't be doing much of anything besides
watching my own grass grow the next couple of days
at least I tip-toed amongst them.
[apology to Tiny Tim for the lame reference]

What a surreal experience  ...  being ruled by a measly tooth.

: : :

See you a bit later.
I'm heading for the hammock.


  1. i have had my share of root canals ! ick is right . i love the photos . i need to experiment more .

  2. urg. tooth pain might be the worst. too close to the brain center!
    healing thoughts my friend xo

  3. Delicious photos, Christi! We are with you in spirit, wishing you pain free Easter.
    love, sus and flossy

  4. Not fun, the root canal...feel better soon, Christi...

  5. What fantastic photographs, I hope you feel better soon.

  6. this (tooth) too shall pass...

  7. Hope you're feeling better and better each day. Oh the tulips are marvelous. They never last very long so you are so fortunate to have been able to enjoy their short burst and such abundance.

  8. Love your images. Feel better soon. xo

  9. I love, LOVE your double/tripple/more? exposures, Christi, especially the one with your feet on the dash of the car, tulip thoughts crossing your legs... oh, shoot, all of them... tulips and toothy and novocaine... if one has to have a root canal, at least get the tulips into the picture, right? Best wishes for speedy trip back to 100%... xo

  10. guess i'll be too late for tulips but i have my fingers crossed for a peony or two...

  11. You've captured those tulips beautifully. As for the root canal, sigh. I might need one more. Oh I feel your pain! Rest is good.

  12. To all: THANK YOU ... loved your notes and was very happy to provide you with some tulip power in exchange ;>]]
    It has been like Jen said ... "too close to the brain center!" ... and I was one whacked out cookie cutter. Better now.
    And soon I get to wear a new ***crown*** [tee hee]
    Best to all, and thank you again.


  13. INCREDIBLE pictures... your double exposures and filter choices are so amazing. What a very silver lining to a horrible trip to the dentist!! (I've had two implants in last two years... ugh and ugh).

  14. Spring is indeed a wonderful season. But I didn’t know that it’s also one of the best time for a root canal procedure. I’ll take that in mind. ;) Anyway, how’s your tooth? I hope everything will be back to normal for you after the procedure. Hang in there!

    Maria Garcia @ Sky Dental Alliance