Wild skies in the atmospheric river


We have the most wonderful weatherman here in western Washington.
He's an avid blogger and not only is he entertaining, 
he contributes boat loads of useful information; 
often, nothing short of a compendium of
fascinating weather facts and details one has never heard of before.
So today I'm borrowing from this fine fella - Cliff Mass - because his latest post,
seemed to explain all the wild stuff I've been seeing recently
u  p       t  h  e  r  e 

Unlike some of the other local forecasters who tend to concentrate more on
what's happening around Seattle,
Mr. Mass seems to [almost] always get it right when it comes to
us island folk further north "up-Sound."

Darn helpful when seawater is your highway.

As for that, sure is nice to have the ferry Captain do the driving out there ...

I love when you can see it raining miles off in the distance ...
dependent upon which way the wind is blowing,
you can know if it's coming right for you
or not.

Always good to know when a big storm's heading your way.
Wind gusts last night topped 50 mph, but we were ready for it.

The only casualty ... my old  3Gs  iPhone finally bit the dust.  Or should I say
in keeping with this post,
sailed her last voyage?
Trouble's been a'brewing for some time, 
what with going all wonky at the most
inopportune moments,
then crashing every time I tried to take a picture.
I may have app-ed her to death [is that possible?].  My penchant for playing with effects
is no secret around here,
but whatever the cause, at last
I finally have the excuse I needed to upgrade.

oh boy.


linking with Skywatch Friday [because it's Friday in Australia  ;>]
where you can see beautiful skies from all around the world ...


  1. How fantastic are these photos!!!!! I used to have spectacular skies, but not lately. I wonder why.

    1. ... probably will come again, no doubt.
      Worth the wait ;>]

  2. Your photos, as always, are stunning!

    1. Thanks for your visit, Connie,
      so nice you've had rain down your way at last.

  3. Replies
    1. Pretty swell of Mr. Mass to give me a name for them ;>]]
      How are you faring over on your side of the world?

  4. love your post
    blowing humor in the skies

  5. ...weather like this is why i live here...i'm not right on the water but the amazing skies extend all the way to the foothills...beautiful pictures as always...

    1. Those foothill views are splendid. I love the drive to my friend's place out past Woodinville ...
      think we're in for [at least] another week of this, fran - we'll be sky-watching ;>]

  6. Beautiful series of sky photos!

  7. Lovely collection of sky shots! I am not sure if I would want to be on a ferry boat in choppy water with high winds. Great post, have a happy weekend!

  8. Beautiful drama in your shots, one is a bit eerie though, but lovely!

  9. Replies
    1. Thanks for that, Robyn ... means the photos *worked* ;>]]

  10. I really like your top picture! Are these all with the new phone?

    1. Nope, twas the oldie but goodie, Robin. You'll probably hear me shouting from the rooftops
      when I have the new phone in me hands!

  11. Wonderfully moody sky shots.

  12. My favorite is the first photograph. Very different.
    JM Illinois

  13. I like your photo-editing... beautiful shots!

  14. those photos give me island fever, especially the map-folded one at the top

  15. Are you ready for the next round? The house shook the other night... I think it's been especially windy this year.

    1. Shook here too, Deb, or at least, it psychologically felt like it. Definitely a strong front.
      Not sure if this year feels windier to me or not, but that may have something to do with
      wind direction. We take a big beating from the southerly/southwest blows & not so much
      from the east/northeasterlies. Towards which direction is your house most exposed?

    2. Took me awhile to come back around...I'm pretty much hit by them all...a bit of shelter from the east. I have to be careful where I plant things because of wind damage from the north especially. Teeny-tiny snow here this morning. :)

    3. yup, here too ... now a steady, slushy snowrain. Nothing sticking yet, but we may be in for it tonight when temps are due to really drop. The dawgs will love it ;>]

  16. Thank you so much to all the really fine folks who have stopped by for the first time via
    the 'Skywatch Friday' gang ... what a nice group you are! Hope to spend more time with you in future.