Richer from the collective experience


This batch of cloth work, an eclectic mix of naturally dyed pretties,
was produced in one afternoon by six pairs of hands
it just makes my heart sing.

With kind permission from the Lopez dyers,
I'm showing their work today.  Oddly enough, seeing it assembled like this
- one big joyous riot of color & bold experimentation -
well, it kinda makes me feel a bit emotional.
This is history.  Our history.
And what began as a shibori stitching group now has evolved into
a group of rather passionate natural dyers
[still some shibori, mind you, but no longer the main focus].
In two+ short years there has been some mighty fine dye mileage,
if I do say so.

From metals to mordants,
 from indigo
to   in-the-pot-too-long ...
the dye waters have been tested, cursed and blessed.
But mostly    blessed.

These are from last summer, late July,
and India was coming soon to teach 'Wayfarer's Windfall Cloth.'
It was to be our last dye session before the workshop.
Two pots were set on the boil;  a 3rd pot, an afterthought with peach leaves, was added later
 and for a real treat,
an indigo  vat   pail  was also on hand.
Here was the blog post I wrote about the day, caught red handed .

 These photos are what they made ...

... a group favorite from the day ... beautiful greens from the peach leaves.

This to me is the very best of what comes from working [playing !] in a group
of like-minded friends,
where each person
brings their own creative desires and wishes to the day,

yet throws them into the big collective idea pot
so that everyone
grows richer from the combined ingredients.


... for photo buffs:  all pix shot with Hipstamatic app on iPhone
Loftus lens + Ina's 1969 film


  1. These truly riotous results make my heart bong in my chest and my eyeballs sweat! Lovely, absolutely lovely, how shared work makes shared knowledge, beauty, and joy. And thank YOU for sharing!

    1. And here I thought I was the only one who had eyeballs that sweat, Robin!
      Shared work is a very special thing indeed ... and I'm more appreciative
      of this as the years go on.

  2. Days working (playing) together, make for firm friendships. Beautiful colours!

    1. Yes, Jenny, it has been such a happy outcome of joining forces over a shared interest.
      Am very grateful. Thank you.

  3. heart sings, big smile…….the closest to God I get is this work you show here….

    1. oh my.
      THAT must be a very important thing to know.

  4. Textiles and dyeing are evolving. The sam family of creation. I love all the pieces and the superb photography enhancing it all - Hugs Nat

    1. Thank you, Nat. It's was a joy to take these photos.

  5. I am just drooling over these. Such beautiful results.

    1. I might venture a guess that there was a bit of drooling going on
      during the show n'tell, too ;>]]

  6. there's something special in the Lopez water. and i'm not just talking what goes in the dyepots...
    thrilled to bits to be heading your way again in the "sooner rather than later"

  7. how wonderful!! Wish I could get together a group of like minded stitchers and dyers in my area.

    1. If there's any way at all , Susan, I'd nudge you towards that wish!

  8. Lovely dyeing and with friends what could be better. Would love to know how you got the pinks and purples.

    1. Pinks and purples came from the lac dye, Debbie ... purples occurring due to the addition of iron bits
      in some and wee clumps of purple violas in others, I think.

  9. All gorgeous, particularly love the yellow and purple. Stitches shibori is impressive.