Don't ever let nobody ....


Been doin' some personal soul searching of late.

Oh yeah, there's been fog - mental fog - and a whole heap
of other stuff
that didn't feel too good either.

But as always, been tryin' to look for the light [metaphorically speaking]
while I'm lookin' for a way out

or up.

It can be a long slog sometimes,
bringin' on the most unexpected feelings;
a whole slurry of mixed emotions,
and thoughts from way over there on the dark side
where I just don't like to stay for very long


it was a great relief
when the link for this joyous video came flying into my mailbox

Eric Bibb beltin' out some truths with "Don't Ever Let Nobody Drag Your Spirit Down"

Have a listen yourself ... I will guarantee
no matter how you're feelin' right now
you'll feel way better after
a heapin' helping of Mr. Bibb.

{ note:  sounds real good turned up LOUD }


  1. The only way out is through! Hugs.

    1. You got that right, Connie ....
      trudging along, mumbling, the occasional curse word ... and then .... that MUSIC!!

  2. When I studied Geology they noted that mountains rose where plates collided, often where great accumulations occurred in deep depressions. Your Mariana Trenches will one day be Himalayas! Leastways, that's the latest in Continental drift...

    1. Leave it to you, Panayoti, to present the bigger, entirely more pleasant picture. You geology types seem ever able to embrace the notion of true *time.* Thanks for your good words ;>]

  3. You've been on my mind, my dear - now I know why! Sending warm wishes and big hugs,
    -sus (and a kiss from Flossy)

    1. Received ;>]]
      Most appreciated, sus & Flossy.

      p.s. warm wishes back to you two ... there's a decided nip in the air these days, hope you're snug up yonder.

  4. omg, you are right. LOUD. And I loved it.
    I also love your dyeing...it is too lovely to describe. I just put your blog on my blogroll, so I
    don't miss a thing. :)

    1. Hilary! how splendid to have you drop by ~ and you, my dear, more than just about anyone I can name, would know the power of keeping spirits HIGH. You are a warrior-ess!! So pleased you liked the tune [which, between yesterday and this morning, I've played about 10 times. Dogs now sleep through it ;>] My very best to you.

  5. Fabulous way to start my morning!!! I was feeling homesick for our family and needed to be reminded of all the 'good' in my life and how thankful I am for all of it. Plus a little toe tapping is a nice way to start to day!

    1. I know I know, isn't Mr. Bibb just so FAB?! I'm never sure if folks are actually interested in clicking on the links so I just love knowing that your own toes went tapping. And that [maybe] you are a little less homesick, too.

  6. Ah Eric Bibb he's a favourite! Got to see him live at The Basement here in Sydney about 8 years ago, Panama Hat is a favourite, he's a patient guy... and y'know Christi you have the best eye for a good photograph, this Scorpio New Moon has been a trial, the effect will let up in a few hours when the Moon moves into Sagittarius

    1. Sure would like to see Mr. Bibb rock it live, Mo ... don't think I'd be able to stay seated. You lucky ;>]
      And must say [after last week] I'm ready for a new moon.

  7. urg. sorry you're down *there* my friend. November seems to just tug us into the netherworld doesn't it? *sigh*
    I'm here if you wanna talk. life. or new projects. xo

  8. And my husband wonders why I LOVE the Blues! Thanks for the vid.
    No sense in bein' down. Come on back over to our side. It's been a while since I've been in a deep funk. Its usually caused by feeling unappreciated. So, my friend, if that's your case just look at the comments. You are definitely appreciated.
    xx, Carol

  9. I did listen and you are right... with your beautiful sky images and such an uplifting song and music... I do feel better :-)