Texture Tuesday ... being clear


clear in our need

She never questioned her hankering for oranges, never
wondered why something in her palate or the deeper request
of her belly insisted on that handful of tart-sweet wedges.  The body is clever,
hearing so precisely its own call we don't stop to contemplate, What is this thirst?
No, we make a beeline for the fridge, find fruit, slice it open.  And yet,
this long pause before the other longings, as if these were any more
complex, as if the wild heart of our hunger couldn't possibly be met.
Isn't it enough to be clear in our need?  What else is there to know before
we reach our hand in?  What better invitation than the cells stirring from their bed,
shrugging from an old slumber, wanting, simply, to be fed?

: : :

This poem from Maya Stein is one from her  10-Line Tuesday  series,
a weekly poetry practice she started in 2005 ...
there's a beautiful backlog of them  HERE.
I often like to combine her prose with one of my pictures
and link up with Kim Klassen's  'Texture Tuesday'  set ...
texture lovers may want to have a peek  OVER THERE.

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Photo recipe:
Shot with an iPhone through the jeep windshield
Kim Klassen's texture,  framed


  1. Love the moody photo and the poem too.

    1. Sometimes it's the words of others that describe it better than we can ... Maya says a lot of things I wished I'd said myself. A poet for the people, is she ....

  2. i love the Sarah Lee method whether for photos or for cloth. or dressing in cooler climes. layer upon layer upon layer [and if you recognise that ad line you CAN remember the seventies. so you just have been there.]

    1. And "nobody doesn't like Sara Lee."
      Guess that's a dead giveaway, huh? Guilty as imagined ;>P

  3. oops. typo. i meant to write MUST , not just. that itchy trigger finger on the publish button. must fix that.