Gone vertical


Seattle had record breaking heat yesterday and reached a whopping  87 degrees.
Compared to the previous record of 79 set back in 1957, 
that's a fairly hefty climb.  Although it was much cooler out here ... a divine 75 or so ...
things were definitely looking up in the garden.

I do hate it when the grass grows 4 inches per minute,
but that's a subject for another post.

These I don't mind ...

I'm letting some of the chioggia beets go to seed so I can donate them
to the local Seed Library.  I swear they grew 6 inches yesterday ...
really, I should be measuring these things.
They're in a raised bed and are as tall as me now.
If this keeps on I'm going to need a step stool to harvest them.

I'd use the bench ... but ...

Silly phone app.  Benches don't go vertical.

Finally got the big motha' trellis back up.  Should take care of my bean addiction nicely.
Gonna try a little experiment with mixing in some annual flowering vines ...
maybe some scarlet morning glories for the dye pots,

I shot these camassia this morning.  The marine layer moved back in overnight
and they do so appreciate the cooler temps ... they've visibly perked up in the moist air.
They're always the first plants of any stature to bloom here in the garden
and I'm very glad to have them around a bit longer.


  1. your garden is loverly! we're surrounded by 70' trees, I wish i had more sun but then we'd be warmer. 6of1, 2/1 doz other...
    i know what you mean about the grass!
    if we let it go for a week around now it's knee high!

    1. Momma Bear, thanks for stopping 'round here, good to see you. I think you are based in western WA, too? so we have similar climes ... and GRASS behavior ;>] If only my favorite perennials & roses would grow with such gusto!

  2. Your pics are lovely, beautiful blue in the camassia, I planned to grow dye plants in my raised beds, but took the easy option this year with herbs. We had a very late spring in the uk and have only just stopped having night frosts this week.

    1. I watched the UK weather on Ireland's TV channel (on the internet) ... I think the word dismal might be an understatement so I can see why you've changed your plans. What a dreadful year for all the farmers & ag folks. Best wishes to you for abounding herbiness!

  3. Lush and luscious! The cooler temperatures suit me too!

    1. For all our complaining about the rain up here, almost everyone will start to complain when there's been too many days of HOT sun. It's really pretty amusing. I've become much more of a wuzz [how do you spell that word ... wuss?] in my older age & enjoy the coolness, too. And then there's the woofies (primarily black-coated) who pant nonstop in the heat and seem to come alive in ****snow**** ...

  4. tomorrow a real comment


  5. Once again a lovely garden with lots of potential growing! We left the desert in rain and came home to the south to lots of rain. Can't complain as we know the hot summer months will soon be on us and we'll wish for rain.

    1. I thought of you last week tromping around in the desert dust, Penny, oh but rain would have been lovely, too! We had rain here starting overnight & the garden is drinking it all in ... while I am glad to not be shifting the hose from spot to spot. And the robins are very, very busy. Welcome home ;>]]

  6. Love the shade umbrella image. Garden looks fantastic. Hope the rain we've been having is not beating everything down.