Cliffhanger in the garden


When my garden puts on a patina of frost, it's her bone structure that becomes especially appealing.
I'm no longer distracted by color & foliage or swooning over petals [says the confessed flower floozie].
She becomes all lines, angles and shapes.  No nonsense, and easy to see through.
I always make plans for her at this time of year
except this year, they're especially big ones.
Never finished, constantly evolving ~ isn't that what they say about gardens?

For starters, some of the raised beds won't hold vegetables this year.
But they will hold other things meant for a cooking pot.

While mulling over these thoughts, I took a stroll to the Way Back to take a look at the pond.
A solid sheet of ice ...
rather raw feeling, but an inviting canvas

for crystals.

Like stitches.

The cotton skirt is still hanging from the dead cedar tree back there ...
it's been up two years since last September.
Just a little the worse for wear ... from critters and the odd 50 mph winds.

The skirt will come down  this  September ... in celebration of a very special event that's happening
here on our small island.  Most likely it will end up quite like this,
wrapped around native vegetation and colorful harvest from the garden.
Except it won't be alone in the pot ...

And I will leave you hanging there until my next post.


  1. un jardin magnifique et une jupe à intégrer dans un tableau..:))

    1. Oui, la jupe va raconter l'histoire au bout du compte.
      Merci, Elfi!

  2. i love the magic that ice dusting creates...and am intrigued by the skirt :o)

  3. Your photos are like poetry -- wonderfully evocative.

    1. Nature is the poet! I just come along & stick my camera in its face, play with a few pixels.
      Seems to be much more obliging than dawg usually is [wink].

  4. Replies
    1. Do you know that sound that comes from stepping upon ice frozen on a pond? Such an eerie, crackling echo...a rending.
      We only get those crystals once or twice a year during real cold. They're gone already and the ducks are back.

    2. I remember that sound from when I grew up in England, had forgotten about it till you said. I've been in South Australia 40 years. Rarely that cold!

  5. At this time of year I'm forced to slap on a smile for those on the left coast who start posting photos of things blooming or thoughts of gardening when we are still 8 to 10 weeks out. I promise not to hold it against you Miss Sweetpea. But it's hard. ;)

    1. Miss Jen, it's all wet & muck & dingy grey again the past two days...got me flippers out (for cross country transportation) because the potholes on the driveway are too big to drive over.

      Feel better now?

    2. ha! I would have 2 days ago. when all the snow had melted and while still cold the woods were accessible once again.

      and then the snow came. again. and continues. 2 days later.
      all white and back to square one. *sigh*

  6. A cliff hanger, thank you! So needed in this quiet season. As always, your images are stunning.

    1. It's been a BIG cliff, Nancy, and it feels like I've been hanging by my TEETH.
      Say, did you ever get that camera???

  7. Love the ice, silvers, blues and grays in these photos. The photography is amazing. So glad to go on the walk with you. I'm eager to see your new plants for your cook pot. Such a joy to follow your wanderings.

    1. Likewise, miz Susan [as I still swoon over the this year's Collections on your blog]
      and it's always such a pleasure to have you stop by.

  8. This sentence: "When my garden puts on a patina of frost, it's her bone structure that becomes especially appealing." is absolutely THE best description of why frost is so beautiful! Thank you! Lovely pictures. It will be fun to see the continuing journey of the shirt through your magical words and images.