Texture Tuesday...sometimes, storm is the only way



Call me lazy.  Call me predictable and cliche and overused.
Bypass these lines if your currency is nuance, if what moves you
are the minimalist gestures, if the threads of the crosshatch seams in the couch
are geographies you'd prefer for your treasure.  I can't help it.
That splinter of sky, that divisive, decisive crack, fractured something loose,
broke and birthed it all at once.  Sometimes, change is a jagged-toothed animal,
tearing the "was" out so fast my head spins, and I watch, almost drunk,
from the window as the whole earth luminesces, shaking a raw hunger
out of my bones.  Sometimes, storm is the only way to stillness, the great shaking.
How the feral animals run for home.  How even the trees bow down.

by Maya Stein

: : : :

Reprinted with kind permission from Maya Stein, who has been writing these treats
for the senses each week...a series she calls, 10-line Tuesday...
again, I thank her for the inspiration that prompted today's image.
Please do read more from her collection over here...
and her blog, one paragraph at a time, is about just that...
"looking at life one paragraph at a time."

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Linking up this week for another Texture Tuesday over at Kim's place.
Our challenge?  The "posie edition"...
check out the flower floozie awesomeness going on over THERE....
so much inspiration!

Techie mumbo-jumbo:
Shot with my DSLR, cropped & tweaked in iPhoto, then taken into FX Photo Studio Pro
where I added a Socorro effect; next into PSE, added 2 layers of Kim's texture, abstract,
soft light @ 80% + screen @ 15%
a wee bit of minor erasing & sharpening,
added copyright.

Till next time, my friends...


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you, Susan ~ was hoping to push past a typical "pretty" flower shot & nudge it towards something different.
      Thanks so much for stopping by.

  2. ahhhh Christi! some sort of capture you have done. rose drunk.

    1. Sure do appreciate those kind words, Nancy. Even as they fade those huge, blousey blooms have such a tragic beauty about them...
      "rose drunk" = perfect.

  3. this turned out wonderfully and goes so nicely with the beautiful verse under it : )

    1. Thank you, Cathy ~ I've been enjoying the serendipity of not knowing what will show up in my inbox from Maya, combined with every Turesday's texture challenge.
      Thanks so much for stopping by!

  4. c'est tout simplement magnifique!

  5. despite technicalities...the picture is so clothey (hope you understand what I mean.
    Wonderful writing and inspiration too


    1. Dear Yvette, perhaps because of the layers? I think we are similar ~ many things in nature remind us of working with textiles...
      love back to you.

  6. is there anything more sad than a withered rose?
    so much potential.
    so under used.

    I know that feeling.
    I hope you are not there.

    1. Ok, here's a thought, dear Jen: you find bones & skulls & other remnants of passing (passages) somewhat fascinating, yes? And are drawn to them in your art pieces, yes? So too, am I, to these roses who've seen better days. Sadness has never entered the picture. I find them exquisitely beautiful in their finiteness. I'm intrigued by the form they take on as they pull in on themselves. And the buglife hiding within...oh my!...what a natural cycle....

      ...didn't mean to set ya to worrying ;>/

  7. Exquisite photo! Love this Maya poem... look forward to her poems each week. xo R

    1. I sooo look forward to Maya's poems each week. I think you'll enjoy her very much.
      And thank you, friend.

  8. I love your photos and this one is particularly poignant. I will look forward to Maya's poems each Tuesday.

    1. Very pleased that you, too, enjoy Maya's turns of phrase...she has a mastery, I think, of speaking of *high* things while remaining very down-to-earth. Thanks so much for your visit.

  9. Beautiful photograph. I've not come across Maya before and look forward to reading more. :-)

    1. Lesley, I think Maya would also be the kind of woman who would understand embracing the grey ;>}
      Thank you so much for your visit & kind words...