For all they do


Our hands...they create the extraordinary...

...define a lifetime of vision...

...lead us to places we hadn't thought to go...

...speak softly, with the smallest of gestures...

...work & toil & offer a lifetime of servitude...

...lead us in prayer...

...ask questions...

...tend to the small rituals that define our daily traditions...

...help us build home...

...reach out, sometimes attaining unexpected results...

...offer warmth...

...bring the world in for a closer view...

...participate in all our explorations, however far we wish to go.

Hands...the keepers of our desires...

...and the pedestals for encouraging even the smallest of miracles.

PHOTO  CREDITS - top to bottom:  mendhi hands  here;  Georgia O'Keefe's hands  here;  hand between doors   here;  pink tulle  here;  dandelion fingers  here;  prayer beads  here;  questioning hands  here;  teacup  here;  hands holding nest  here;  reaching out  here;  electrographic  here;  girl with glass  here;  rock in hand  here;  blue hands  here;  black-and-white marblers  here.


  1. what powerful imagery! this was a really nice post!

  2. Georgia O'Keefe had the most amazing hands.

  3. une série de photos et leur expression , qui me plait tout spécialement...

  4. Wonderful post - beautiful images. I sometimes look at these well worn hands of mine and say 'thank you' for all of the joy, and usefulness they have provided.

  5. Many thanks, all...

    This post is very close to my heart at the moment as I'm still trying to discover what ailment is holding my right hand in its thorny grip. An uninvited time for contemplation that's produced many moments of gratitude for a lifetime of two hands that functioned flawlessly. After it occurred to me to assemble a little photographic homage and I began the process, I had a bit of a breakthrough about what acceptance means. And about how important it is to not stop, no matter what.

    I am waxing on far too seriously now but suffice it to say, I so appreciate your visits!

  6. very cool images and poetic words- simply beautiful

  7. Amazing collection of images, Christi! I had a photography friend who specialized in hands. She would ask her subjects to hold something that to them was very precious or had special and personal meaning. She said, when they were holding such an object, their hands became unaware of her camera. Thanks for this post!

  8. so evocative and so simple really!
    wonderful post!

  9. Wow - an amazing selection of images. Thankyou. Gilly

  10. lovely images -each one beautiful and full of meaning. Give a lot to think about. How special our hands are....
    thank you!

  11. softly your hands touch mine
    though your keys
    lightly tapping
    tapping beauty and thought
    into my soul

  12. visual ode
    to the beauty of hands
    like Wen suggests
    your hands
    even tho injured
    tapping compassion
    into our souls