Wonders never cease...


It began with waking up to this ~ four inches of the wet, sticky stuff and still falling.
This is the view from the mudroom door looking towards my veg growing area...
kinda pretty out there...as far as snow goes.

This is the first snowfall we've had since Thanksgiving day.
Certainly the first snow since bringing this one home...
Meet Quinn...

Hi, I'm 18 months old and I can't stay still...
Hello sweet girl, bet you want me to throw the ball, don't you?

I haven't mentioned her until now because in all honesty, it's been touch & go around here
and I haven't been entirely convinced we were going to be able to keep her.  Little issue with dawg
Numero Uno who got it in her head she was not going to be usurped by this youngster
 in HER territory.

Who me????  I wouldn't hurt a fly...

The face of an angel, my Isla, but she is one cranky b*&%$  when it comes to owning me.
There...I admitted it...I am owned by this dawg.

Quinn is one of those gems that comes from a rescue organization and you can't figure out
how in the world her previous owners could bear to give her up.
For those who don't know this about me,
I am passionate about adopting animals from rescue groups.
No offense intended towards those who choose to buy their pets from breeders, etc. 
but my gosh folks,
the number of homeless dogs & cats is already staggeringly high...
don't they deserve first consideration?

Stop me.  I could go on about this for hours.

Oh please do, I'm listening...I'm wet but I'm listening, really...

I found Quinn through the Pacific Northwest Border Collie Rescue, the same group that harbored my beloved cranky one after she was saved from running in traffic and later, with no one to claim her.  
I can't say enough wonderful things about these dedicated folks!
Rehoming these wonderful dawgs is their life...and I mean LIFE.
I love you guys.  You ROCK!

Quinn is a border collie mix of some kind, probably mixed with Belgian shepherd.
Then again, Isla was listed as a border collie mix and turns out she has no border collie in her...
Thanks to the wonders of modern technology and a little test called 'Dog Breed DNA Analysis'
it was discovered that she is 3/4ths rough-coat collie (you know, Lassie type)
and 1/4th Australian shepherd.  Not that it matters one little bit.

But back to unceasing wonders...


It's no secret in canine circles that bringing a second female dog into a household can spell disaster.
I was banking my hopes on the fact that Quinn was still a "puppy" in many ways
and Isla had shown a lot of tolerance for puppy behavior in the past.

Do you want to know how many times I've thought I was dead wrong?

But then...{{{{{{drumroll}}}}}}... today happened...SNOW happened
and everything changed for the better.
[insert the Hallelujah Chorus]
What transpires when two dawgs who are giddy about snow end up having their first snow day together?

Let me show you.

It began with Quinn displaying "play bows" to Isla (invitations to play)...

...which Isla accepted and turned into a massive round of the zoomies

...back and forth and back and forth...

...and when they got so tired they had to take a time out, they did THIS...together...two feet apart

...and do you know what THIS is people?  THIS is a bloody miracle!
This is the powerful force of nature working her magic with natural instincts
in a way we humans could not accomplish with all the worry & fretting in the world.


One last shameless plug: if you are considering bringing home a new pet,
won't you please consider adopting from a shelter or rescue group first.
Have some hesitations?  Let's talk.  I'm as close as email.
Like me, you just might find that although you saved a life,
they actually have saved yours...


  1. Reading this post has me smiling from ear to ear, Christi. First, the snow. Not since Thanksgiving?! That's just a crime. And second, and more important - a bond forged with your Isla and your beautiful rescue dog.
    Bravo to you - and to Mother Nature. Loved this.

  2. How great! They look so cute doing the "zoomies" together! I like that, the zoomies, I must use that now when Pasha cat races around the house on days like today when he's been on home arreest all day while I teach - he just did a zoomy, they are too funny.

    The new pup looks like a sweetie, congratulations!

  3. What an absolutely wonderful way to forge a bond and show Isla that having another dog around is FUN!

    Our farm seems to be a refuge for anything four or two legged that comes along and needs some TLC and a home. Darling Daughter has just bestowed a third 'shelter dog' on my 94 year old friend. She has already outlived the first two which she probably pampered to death. This one is old and none too pretty but was definitely a match made in heaven as from the instant it met her, he just worshipped the old lady and she has gained a new lease of life as well since she was utterly devastated when her old, blind and cancer riddled dog had to be put down.

    We need another border collie to help work our sheep but DD is away so much that this is not the time . . .

  4. what a wonderful post, christi!! the snow is so beautiful. i miss it so much. then the tale of your pups bonding, finally. gave me goosebumpies.

  5. Gorgeous gorgeous dogs - please keep Quinn now she is friends with your other one....they look like they are having a ball in that snow. Both of my dogs are rescue ones, and like you I cannot understand how anyone could give them up - particularly my Collie Maggie.

  6. I'm with you on rescue dogs. All my dogs are and we have a special relationship. They thank me everyday for rescuing them from Doggy Jail.

    Your dogs ae beautiful.

    BTW, we have had 100+ inches of snow in Northern Indiana. I think 12 more will break a record, and February is not ove yet.

  7. It brings tears to my eyes to see them play together...thanks Christi...

  8. What a totally joyful post! Good for you; if we were ever going to get a dog we would go to a rehoming centre. Here's to many more happy days with your two girls.

  9. So miracles do happen! They are both so beautiful, it is hard to imagine how anyone could give them up or treat them cruelly. And you are so right, too many pets need to be rehomed.

  10. ach the magic of snow....
    as they say in Ireland [well, perhaps not]
    "it would melt your face" [say that loudly in fake irish accent]
    nice to see happy puppies...

  11. I found my Blue Merle Aussie through Inland Northwest Rescue, an organization within Pacific Northwest Border Collie Rescue, wonderful folks. I have two rescue herding boys, one old one young. I understand what you mean about the miracle of the two dogs getting along. Sometimes it takes, time, patience, skill and luck. Thanks for sticking with them. The exercise always helps too. We are also experiencing a blizzard of snow here in Idaho. Stay warm!

  12. if i could convince my DBF to get a dog it would be a shelter dog! all my cats were shelter finds or they showed up on my doorstep, cold pathetic and shivering. I am such a tenderheart i take them all in.
    Zoomies I love it! for the cats i used to call it crazygonutz time.
    snow is a wondrous event, sweet fluff that falls from the sky and covers the land in a blanket of white. it's magical.
    especially when the sun shines and it sparkles like tiny diamonds.
    I live in bothell but grew up in Chicago and i miss the snow, although this year I didn't miss it too much;)

  13. What a wonderful post! Guess snow has much more worth than those who have been buried in it figured! Nothing like play to bring two people (ooops, I meant dogs) together! Thanks for sharing this.

  14. BEautiful post. I can't have a dog because of my asthma but I am addicted to watching The Dog Whisperer...

  15. i love that your dogs are friends now, we also had snow in Portland! myn yorkie loves it too!

  16. You are a star - a wonderful story. My cats are all rescue babies

  17. Yep I'm smiling too. We've been watching Cesar Milan training misunderstood dogs (or their owners) on TV, so the thought of re-homing a dog has crossed my mind. Your two giddy dogs are highly entertaining. Love it when they have a fit of the zoomies.

  18. aww, I hear you on rescuing. We have 3 rescues. Your blog is nice. I'll be following!

  19. So what's an Australian shepherd when they're at home? i've never heard of them!
    I'm with you on the rescue dogs, mine have all been rescued, can't think why one would buy a breed dog, the rescued love you forever.

  20. What beautiful snow photos and I love your dogs. I also love how you encourage others to save a pet from a shelter. I am with you there 100%!

  21. glad the snow was able to 'break the ice' for your 2 doggies- how wonderful- I agree about rescuing dogs and cats from shelters too. we got 6-8 inches of snow last week and today it finally melted- yahoooo.

  22. I'm grinning ear to ear... giddy with delight as this great news and lovely pictorial story!!!!!

    PS... It's still all good, I hope????

  23. I am with you all the way - all my cats were found, strayed into our garden or stoud shivering and hungry waiting to get in. So many animals out there to rescue - and so much love they give( and happiness and joy!)

  24. What a lovely, lovely post. Thank you. :-)