Stuck between some rags and a hard place...


A little w.i.p...
modern day "rags" woven onto a make-do loom, once the bottom half of a box of notecards.
Light as a feather and easy to hold, just 5 by 7 inches.  Splendid idea, wish it had been mine...

... Jude Hill's  'Contemporary Woven Boro' class is in full swing
and this tension technique comes from creating a small frame from whatever we have at hand.
I know I'm not alone when I say I  ***LOVE***  this process, weaving without a foundation...

The warp is from torn bits of an old silk blouse...all the rest scraps from this & that.


A silly question...ever tear cloth with your teeth?
I'm an expert now: chomp down hard at the place you are starting the tear
and pull strong & steady with one hand straight out in front of you.
Heh, you never know when such skills could come in handy...

They co-mingle so nicely, all those tiny ribbony pieces...

Here is the back looking much like an Apricot Surprise birthday present.
Fray heaven!
I couldn't tie bows (more on that below) so the ends are knotted instead...


So what about this "hard place" I mentioned in the title of this post?
I am unable to sew.  Not a stitch.
Unable to use my right hand for most anything at the moment...
The doc says he can fix me up, only a matter of time...time which is ticking faster now with my boro mates.
So this is why you are not seeing any basting...no surface embellishment of any kind.

 Hope you like *puffy* as much as I do, it will have to suffice for now.
...just wanted you to know...


While so many parts of our country are still covered in deep snow & frigid cold,
we were able to enjoy THIS today... 

View from the Painter's Studio
~ painting by Caspar David Friedrich, 1805 ~

Till later my friends, always so good to have you stop by,


  1. What a great idea for a loom... hoping the hand gets better very soon x

  2. Oh these colors!!! If I were there I would lend a hand and stitch for you, with you guiding each step (you know I would). Meanwhile take care of yourself -- just knowing this beautiful weaving is waiting for you will be a huge incentive to heal.

  3. Christi-so sorry about your hand.
    Especially during the CWB class. But that silk and that color, lovely!

  4. Lovely word, co-mingle, and so very fitting... - thrifted a small loom the other day + fidgeted about with the desciption + the wool still in it - thinking I´d perhaps see if it works with fabric strips instead somewhen - so this inspired me to give it a try soon...

  5. what a lovely combination of colours - good luck for a speedy recovery

  6. I know I commented already in class, but I have to say I'm even more smitten seeing the rest of the photos. So sorry about your hand. I have on and off hand/wrist issues and it scares me to think what I'd do with my life and creativity if I couldn't use them.

  7. I find free form weaving as magical as felting....taking loose bits and making a solid form...love repurposing fabric and what a lovely result , thanks for sharing .

  8. Hi Christi,
    Bummer, no sewing with your right hand!

    Sounds like a fine moment to do some experimental sewing with that subdominant hand. Should give you just the effect to meld with the torn edges of your weaving.

    Fun box weaving, go Jude!

  9. Hi Christi, hope the hand gets better soon...I love this technique...

  10. Scrumptious - love the texture and how you made it in spite of your hand. Wishes for healing.

  11. Just wanted to say Thank You for the lovely thoughts...the best medicine of all :>]]

  12. hey I really hope your hand gets better soon. have also had trouble with my left hand. its horrible not being able to work on stuff.

    this woven work is beautifully balanced.


  13. Gorgeous colours and puffy is good if puffy is what you have :0)

    I hope your hand gets better soon, I can imagine it is very hard for a stitcher not to be able to stitch - speedy recovery wishes are winging your way!

  14. I love this method a lot too! A beautiful mix of colors. Opened all the windows yesterday, such a crazy weekend of weather.... There is snow/rain mix in the forecast for B'ham next week, for five days!

  15. I've been having a wander through your fantastic blog...you have a great eye for colour.
    Get (that hand) well soon....

  16. your photography is stunning.
    as is of course this small loomed

    for whatever is going on with the
    hand. you can find arnica cream
    fairly easily? better if used
    immediately but always helps

    thank you for your words about
    the plain 9 patch.

  17. I've just found your blog via Kim's Texture Tuesday and I'm very intrigued by your method of weaving. When you've finished, do you leave the base inside the weaving and leave it as it is or do you finish it off in some way?