Mending with the blues


The other day over at her placeSpirit ClothJude was playing with gaps.  This got me to thinking about a few gaps of my own...

...ever thought about whether you are left-kneed or right-kneed?  Neither had I until I realized that ALL of my favorite jeans eventually look just like this -- a big hole in the left knee.  Never the right -- just the left.  Good to have things in ones life one can always count on, I suppose  ;>}

Pawing through the mending pile, the choice for the *sacrificial lamb* jeans was not the least bit difficult.  You should see the derriere on this pair...beyond hope I decided.  Off with its leg!

Thought it would be fun to just play with stitches, no particular goal in mind except to stop the drafts and add some reinforcement so out came a menagerie of embroidery thread recently gleaned from the local thrift store.  Ended up using every blue in the bag.

Kept the raggedy edges all 'round (I'm prone to that lately) although future laundering should fray them up nicely.  In the meantime, my favorite gardening jeans have a new lease on their days in the dirt.  Thanks to Jude for inspiring with her own particular style of "knee keepers."  

I love my new knee.  But look at that perfect RIGHT knee...what's up with that?!  One of life's mysteries.


  1. i'm liking all the mended jeans that i've been seeing better than the 'originals'. it's wearable art.

  2. deanna ~ I think so, too...great mending possibilities await! Have you done it yet?

    ger ~ thank you :>}} and it's especially curious to me as I'm right handed. Obviously, THAT is meaningless.

  3. it's obvious to me - if they're your gardening jeans then which knee do you kneel down onto? i'm betting it's the left one.
    Nice stitching btw, and a happy find in the op shop.
    When i was much younger i used to buy one pair of jeans every year, yr1= best jeans, yr2 = everday jeans, yr3 = cut off legs for shorts. I'd forgotten about that till now, thanks for the memory.

  4. Gosh - could you come and mend my jeans? The knees aren't worn out but I love your stitching so much that I'll be glad to rip them up a bit. Your stitching is beautiful - I'd hate to put that knee down into the dirt.

  5. this looks great! nice patching....

  6. christi, this patch is sensational. its got that textured hand stitched look. I like them better than the perfect unpatched jeans too. They look fantastic.


  7. I don't wear jeans...but I do wear a lot of denim skirts, jackets etc....you and Jude are an inspiration.
    Your mending is great...a work of art.

  8. Obviously you kneel (doing gardening or whatever) on your left knee. What a great way to thank and honor that hard-working knee!!! I LOVE this!

    Hugs, Robin A.

  9. Oh wow - I have keppt a pair of very fave jeans to mend - I'm inspired now although they need two new knees and a crotch!

  10. Kaite & Robin ~ I wish it was that obvious, you two, but I never kneel down on just the left knee, that's what is so curious. Years back, I got into the habit of using one of those kneeling pads in the garden (old sport injury) AND going down on BOTH knees at once...never one. Hence, my big *mystery*!

    Penny ~ aw thanks so much. Definitely going in the dirt tho, it is their destiny...

    jude ~ thank you, lovely to have you pop over...your inspiration has been percolating :>]

    T ~ I like them better than the un-patched, too, many thanks. Thoroughly enjoy(ing)ed this kind of needling :>}}

    Suzanna ~ Hi there, cloth mate! Thanks.

    moaromigboyles ~ your skirts & jackets probably don't need mending but you could put a patch somewhere, just for the heck of it. It's so restful, this kind of stitching...

    Clare ~ ooooh go for it! and then post all about it, please!! (don't you love it when other people give you more chores to do?!)

  11. Kneet - now they're too fancy for the garden :)!

  12. Love the idea of honoring your knee. wonderful.

  13. Great job! I have a few pair I should get to work on. Been seeing so much of this on the web lately. I have pieces I have been repairing for 15 years! Some things are just to precious to part with :)

  14. Yvonne ~ LUV that..."kneet"...but I have been out there in them and my goodness, it feels like my knee is armor plated (very secure, all those stitches)!

    SusanE ~ very fun to have a knee lift :>]]

    Diane ~ you can put this chore on your list after you dye all those scrumptious velvet squares :>}}}}}}}}}}

  15. I like your patch a lot. I have a pair of jeans with one of those gaps - except on the stomach rather than the knee - that's embarrassing! Like my stomach is where my jeans suffer the most stress? I've been putting off patching them but know you've shown me a way to make it fun. Thanks!

  16. nice patching...ok with you if i link to this page from found-stitched-dyed when i get back home?

  17. wow. lovely. and i have a slew of denim pieces ready to make into something...and this is even functional.