Man dreams of flight...


'Man Dreams of Flight...Owls Wonder if This is Wise'

Just giving a little shout-out to art photographer extraordinaire, Susan Tuttle, and her amazing, totally fun, online digital manipulation workshops. Starting this evening, she is running three summer workshops (simultaneously):  Digital Layers and Photomanipulation 1 and 2 with use of Adobe Photoshop Elements and Adobe Photoshop/CS.  Click on this linkie to read all about them.  No need to have much background with these programs...a desire to learn will see you through.  Well, and a little propensity for diving off the high dive  :>]]

The absolute BEST part of Susan's workshops (I've done two so far) is that you can work entirely at your own pace.  The month long courses are divided into three "projects" per week so you can work on one, or all three...or none, if life takes over for a bit as it often does.  Or you can work like a maniac and create to your heart's desire!  It's not at all like having homework due on a certain day.  You are your own taskmaster.  If you're prone to "night owling" it like I am, much can be accomplished in the wee hours of morn.

I posted about Digital Layers here and Digital Photomanipulation here.  Also, Susan set up a Flickr pool for all the participants and this is where one can have a pretty amazing time watching what others are creating.

If you've ever had an inclination to explore this kind of world I'm not sure you could find a more generous (with her knowledge & helpfulness), creative, and all around sweet person to be your guide.  Guess you can tell I'm kind of a fan.  I know this post is short notice but don't dismay. More workshops are coming this fall...some *new*!

'Man Dreams of Flight...' is composed of four layers.  My Flickr linkie is here if you'd like to see the image sources.  What a world there is out in pixel land.  Please do let me know if you're venturing there...


  1. It sounds wonderful. What an amazing picure! I am on an online course at the moment - well I haven't got much done as life has taken over so at least I can print out the instructions and get on with it when the children go back to school!

  2. Christi,

    Susan's book is on order and I've purchased PE 8. I thought that I'd play a little with the book and then take one of her classes. Her work is amazing! Your picture looks good and it seems like you've had a lot of fun with the classes.

  3. Super cool Christi! You've inspired me into looking into the class. The collage approach is very interesting, I like how you've combined the classic old-world feel with modern whimsy. It seems to harmonize well. Great colors too.

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  5. Clare ~ I know just what you mean...life sure does take over our best of intentions sometimes. There is so much good stuff happening online these days, one could be taking courses 24/7!

    Anne Marie ~ Agreed, her work is amazing! I'm sure you'll thoroughly enjoy Susan's book. It's written in a very clear & concise way making it easy to follow the written instructions...but really, nothing compares to working *live* with her and in a group of like-minded fanatics :>]]

    Grace ~ so good to have you visit here! Do check into it. I'll be taking another workshop in the fall when working in the garden slows down. Wouldn't it be fun to do an online workshop together???

  6. Nice blending of layers and combination of images! I have Susan's book and PE 6 and hope to explore it at some point - have been focused on stitching and have mostly just combined images in Picassa, because it's a quick fix for my curiosity, although with very limited technical potential compared to PSE!

  7. maybe maybe...but...time...but so tempting.
    I have to be strong!
    But you made such a beautiful composition.
    I listened to your wise owls and they told me amazing story's'.


  8. Photoshop is indeed splendid fun...digital photography can make magicians of us all
    but sometimes i miss the economy of "just one shot left" thinking that makes us truly examine what and why we want an image
    and then i go back to rapid shutterclicking and the delirium of choice

  9. Christi, I saw your comment at India's, you said that you could give her some links, will you give them to me too?


  10. I really MUST take one of her workshops one day swoon. (typo intended)

    Robin A